Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progress on 52 Week Challenge

For 2009 I challenged my Yahoo Group WhoGivesaScrap to take part in Elsies 52 Challenges. Well I thought I would asses my progress with the 52 Week Challenge, and I guess I am doin okay. There are a few I need to go back and complete, Week 2 & 7. I will take care of that momentarily... =)

Week # 1 - Work Those Words
Whether it’s a quote, a list of your favorite adjectives or computer-generated phrases, journaling on strips of cardstock is a great way to add visual excitement to your page. Be creative and cut a favorite quote [or song] into pieces to add to your design.
**I used journaling strips to list my resolutions for 2009.

Week # 3 - Customize a Ribbon Border
No matter how you turn it or what you add to it (think buttons, lace, eyelets and embroidery floss), ribbon is a terrific border that can be attached in so many creative ways – with eyelets , brads, staples, embroidery floss and more.
**I used a few multi-colored ribbons and placed at the top of the layout...

Week #4 - Make Your Own: Chipboard Accents
Chipboard is so popular right now! By making your own chipboard accents, you can add a custom look to any scrapbook page. Follow these easy steps to make your own accent:1.) Draw or trace a shape on plain chipboard.2.) Cut the accent out with scissors or a craft knife.3.) Paint the accent a fun color4.) Try buttons, flowers, sticker, jewels....anything that appeals to you!
**I hand cut some chipboard and used a cateye to color in and then did a little doodling...

Week #5 – Embellish a Floral Accent no matter what your page topic, I bet you can find a place for a flower accent in your design. But take it up a notch. Embellish the center of your flower with a mini clock, a tiny thread-tied-button or patterned paper. And don’t be afraid to turn a large flower shape into a photo frame
***Placed a sticker over a flower....nice and simple =)

Week #6 – Create a Ribbon Cluster
Ribbons are beautiful accents on a page – no matter what! But why not take the next step? Challenge yourself to create an accent with a cluster of ribbons. Just tie two, three, four or more ribbons and cluster them together in the same area on your page. To finish the look, tie them onto cardstock, weave them through an embroidered border, or hook a tiny safety pink through them.
**Made a few bow tie ribbons and formed a small cluster

Week #8 – Group Four Photos
Elsie loves creating one-photo layouts, but sometimes she has more than one photograph to feature on a page. She likes to take four (or more) photographs and cluster them together in a group. This makes them appear almost as one large focal-point photo but allows her to display more images at one time. Try it!
..sorry about the title, I debated on whether to place "2gether" on the patterned paper...shouldn't had done it! Oh well...that's what it says though...

Week 9 - Doodle on Photographs
Don’t be afraid to express yourself by doodling right on your photos! (If you’re worried about ruining them, doodle on a digital print.) Try using your own handwriting in an open area of the photograph – or use a doodle rub-on instead!
*Simply doodled on the edges of the corners...

Ciao for now...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Got Tagged!

Rochelle Tagged me! I guess that makes me it!

Instructions - just go to the place on your computer where you store your photos, then to the 6th folder, then the sixth photo. Take that photo, put it on you blog & tell it's story. So here is mine:

Perfect Photo! But dang it makes me a little hungry!!!

What is this you are asking!? A plate FULL OF FOOD from the Cheesecake Factory! Was it good!? HELL YA it was good. Okay another question some may be asking is "WHY?" Why did I take a pic of my food...well all my scrapper friends will understand...from a scrappers standpoint. This pic was originally taken for the Project 365...I was supposed to be participating in this year (taking a photo a day..) well...that fell by the wayside last month..took some pics that never got on my blog!

Anyway, Reg took me out one day and we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, this is one of their good dishes. This was their spicy chicken strips and mashed potatoes, and YES it was good!
I'm hungry now...

Now on for the tagging part! Oh yes, you didn't think I was forgetting that part did ya!?
I am tagging:

1. Laurie
2. Jennifer
3. Candace
4. Sarah
5. Tanisha

Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebrating Life...

If you don't know me by now I like to celebrate birthdays. Well these pics were taking during Alondras surprise birthday celebration. Rochelle swung by and picked Alondra up at home and brought her to BC's Cafe where we all met up for breakfast. After getting super stuffed..we took her on a small shopping spree to some surrounding scrap stores, we actually ended up traveling to more than planned....We started off at Scrappin Good Times in San Dimas, then took the girls to Scrap N Yap for the first time, then to another store in Monrovia, forgot the name of it...

After the stores, we topped it off at Baskin Robbins..yummo!

Yvette, Tricia, Alondra, Rochelle

Birthday girl blowing out her candle...

(don't you just love the hats by the way!?)

Me & Alondra...

We tease Alondra about those boots....we call them her "sexy" boots...we aren't sure where she thought she was going, but she was really trying to show us out! LOL!

Rochelle BUSTED in indulging in her ice cream...

Me & Yvette =)... (Today is Yvettes bday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTA!)

Man I wish I had some of this RIGHT NOW!

The girlz....Rochelle, Yvette, Alondra, Tricia and Valerie

Tricia & Valerie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recent Layouts...

Me and my Sorority Sisters new baby boy Aiden..."Lil Man"

My friend Jennifer's son Matthew & Bre...Christmas Eve, Jennifer and her family came by and dropped off some yummy homeade goodies. While they were there, Bre felt the need to take out almost all of her toys out her toybox to play and share...

Me and my Sorority Sisters....Z-Phi!

Bre protecting baby Aiden

Missy brushing her teeth...

OMG....after she opened a Candy Cane...without my knowledge...

On our way to pick out her first Christmas Tree

Tree Decorating...

How Bout' Them LA LAKERS!!!!!

Go LAKERS!!!!!! WOO HOOO....Still #1 baby! Lakers96, Hawks 83...sorry Hawks, maybe next time...
On another sour note...whats goin on with the Clippers, its just sad....140-100? Can someone please help them? Really...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hurricane Breanna....

The day she felt it necessary to take 90% of toys out her toybox....after playing the clean up game she hasn't done it again...

Just when I think she doesn't have trippin!

She loves her Magna-Doodle...She gets real serious...

Yup...rice in her hair....don't ask...

Monday, February 09, 2009

ATC's of Love!

Can you believe this paper came from Target? I thought it was pretty cute...didn't expect for them to be cute! Anyway! LOL!
I made these ATC's for my Blinging Babes from ladies should be receiving yours soon AND our Valentines Swap in WhoGivesaScrap!
Ciao Fo Now!
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