Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I know now!!!

I know now why I have been having a headache since the birth of my wonderful child!
Well..I been thinking...wondering what is up with this daily darn headache that seems to come and go!?
I have come to the conclusion that it is all of the high pitched baby talk I been doin lately! I guess she likes it, she smiles and talks back to me!
It's funny cause once I was talking to her, then not too long after that, the headache came! Hmph!

Shot aftermath...a little cranky today, partly because she insists on staying awake and resisting sleep! The most she slept at a nap was 20 mama is a little tired tonight!

Why is it so HOT here in the Inland Empire!!!???
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Monday, August 27, 2007

2 Months Old...

I just LOVE that freakin smile!!!!
She is almost laughing!!!

Today marked little Breanna's 2 month mark, it also meant IMMUNIZATION SHOTS! OMG...I think I cried more than her. Well not really, I am exaggerating a baby screamed! I never heard her scream like that, she turned purple in the face. I felt so helpless, I couldn't do anything but hold her little arms down as hostage. =(

I thought I would be tough and would be able to handle it...does that mean that I am softy? Oh well...then let it be. I just hope that doesn't carry on into her childhood, like when she cries because she is being punished.

Anyway, other than that, she is doing extremely well. She is now 10lbs 15oz. and 22 inches long. She is doing great, smiling, cooing, all the stuff she should be doing at her age. Anyday now I am waiting for a giggle and then I will be waiting for one of those big ole' GUT belly laughs! She is such a joy to my life and makes my day. She may get mommy tired, but that is competely okay!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Breanna already 1 month old!!!

I promise this is my child!
Beautiful big eyes!
Instructions not included is the truth!!!

Me and Bre

Wow! One month has gone by already....

It has been a very challenging but oh so beautiful time in my life. Baby Breanna is doing well, growing everyday! She is beginning now to make little cooing noises, at least trying to and she is trying to be grown already holding her head up being nosy! She is so funny...she smiles ALL the time.
What's even better is the fact that she is getting MORE sleep which means mommy and daddy are getting more sleep! YEAH!

So just wanted to update my readers...and post a few new pics. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!

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