Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I know now!!!

I know now why I have been having a headache since the birth of my wonderful child!
Well..I been thinking...wondering what is up with this daily darn headache that seems to come and go!?
I have come to the conclusion that it is all of the high pitched baby talk I been doin lately! I guess she likes it, she smiles and talks back to me!
It's funny cause once I was talking to her, then not too long after that, the headache came! Hmph!

Shot aftermath...a little cranky today, partly because she insists on staying awake and resisting sleep! The most she slept at a nap was 20 mama is a little tired tonight!

Why is it so HOT here in the Inland Empire!!!???
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JenniferPriest said...

Oh it has been crazy hot!!! Maybe you are scrunching your face or something when babytalking that is giving you a headache--too funny though! Hope you fell better soon too. Stay away from me--would not you or Bre getting this cold I have--then you really would not be getting any sleep! Whiskey ifs the answer, Trisha--for you and her! LOL

JenniferPriest said...

Sorry about all my typos. That is how you know it is really me!

Sarah said...

Hi Trisha - beautiful photos here! It's the worst thing taking your bub for needles, you and Breanna were soo brave. Hope it starts to cool down for you soon. Have a great week!

Renia said...

Hey Girl! I think it's common to have headaches during this time. I know I did. You have so much going on getting your body back after 9,months of pregnancy and your hormones all over the place. The stress of dealing with a infant, especially if it's your first one. The lack of sleep will drain anyone. I'm sure looking at Breanna, makes it all worth it!

Adriann said...

LOL!!! Yeah, you can't help the baby talk. Babies are so awdowable.... and you just want to go coochie coochie coo. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week and try to stay cool.


Cindy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so tired of shopping (did I really just say that?) I have some ideas for the Hambly thanks to a cute sample at The SB Garden in H. Beach. Might even use some of it soon.

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