Friday, September 21, 2007

Poo on me!

Yup, Poo on me for not keeping my blog updated! I feel bad everytime one of my blogger friends may come to my page to see the same ole' post over and over again! Well hey, I been busy these days so give me a break!

I kist recently completed the SoCal Shop Hop where you had to go to 29 stores, whew....what a journey! But I had so much fun! Oh, did I mention how broke I was because of it!? Now I need to scrap to put everything I bought to use!

also my baby Bre has definately been keeping me on my toes! The girl is getting big and just doing alot of stuff! She is no longer wanting to be a baby and sit back! She just feels the need toi sit up! She is spitting and blowing some serious spit bubbles, she is blabbering at the tv and sucking the mess out of her wrists! She is too much...definately keeping me on my toes!

My dad andCathy has been down visiting from Arkansas, they have been down for about a month now and will be leaving on Monday. Yup, I am sad...won't see him again until next year, shooting for Thanksgiving. It may be my first attempt to fly with an infant...we will see how that goes.

Other than that, just trying to enjoy the time left from being off work.
I will try and keep up better on the blog!
My bad!


hiscrappergirl said...

I know the feeling!! I am so far behind on posting pics!! But you litte girl is one of the cutest - tied with one other little girl I know *wink wink*. Thanks for adding me to your blog, I added you to mine - these blogs are so cool!!

Cindy said...

Trisha, when I had a new baby, I couldn't stay on top of nothing. I wanted to scrap and couldn't even imagine starting any kind of hobby. I was just glad when I found time to shower or go grocery shopping. Enjoy her!

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