Thursday, September 27, 2007

3 Months Old Today!

Well Miss Breanna is 3 months today! How exciting! Mommy and daddy have survived as well! Let me tell you....Breanna has been such a blessing to us. Alot of times we are stil in denial that we have a little one around here! Next thing I know she will be crawling with baby teeth coming in, biting on my fingers, while she gives me gut belly laughs!

God is SO good...all the time. Some of you know me and Reg have been married for almost 6 years and miscarried the first go around. We have finally been blessed this go. We realized that HE does things in his timeframe, not ours! We are so blessed....

I love my baby girl so much....

Lets see her accomplishments thus far: She is yelling at me that baby talk, smiling uncontrollably, spitting, blowing some major spit bubbles, recognizes and smiles at us, and grandma and grandpa, loves to watch Baby Einstein, well any cartoon for that matter! Um..what else...she is kinda greedy, but thats okay, I love all her rolls!

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