Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whats the 4-1-1 Week of 7/28/08

Why is Halle Berry so miserable? The Oscar-winning actress has refused to crack a smile for photographers since the birth of her daughter four months ago. Sources say Berry felt insulted when she wasn't offered millions for photos of her baby. Berry made sure no one would make money off her child if she couldn't, so she made sure to raise a fuss over any unauthorized photos. Last week, Berry lashed out at paparazzi claiming they were going too far trying to get photos of her baby. She says they were trespassing on her property. Berry has wanted to be a mother for a while and she should be on top of the world, but she isn't and her family and friends are worried about her.

Mariah Carey wants her hubby to bring home some money. Imagine the shocked look on Nick Cannon's face when his wife made the request. Carey realizes her husband should have a much higher profile, so she wants him to get a job. She has arranged meetings with top designers hoping to push her hubby into modeling. Carey wants Cannon to have his own money. The whispers about him spending her money were starting to get to her. Cannon has starred in the movies Drumline and Roll Bounce. Lately, he has been dejaying at parties. Carey is usually in tow, sitting in the booth wearing dark shades while he spins. Is this any way for a man to live? And, when is she going to start her tour?

Is the Reverend Al Sharpton ready to Dance With The Stars? Producers for the show are gearing up for the new season, which kicks off in September. The Rev says he was approached, but he had to turn down the opportunity. Sharpton says he has too much work to do getting out the vote for the upcoming presidential election. Confirmed so far for next season is Football Player Warren Sapp.

Chris Rock continues to have problems with an old jump off. Years ago, Rock was involved with a Georgia woman. She claims he was the father of her son. DNA tests cleared him and proved he was not the kid's father, but the woman won't go away. She is now planning to writer a book about their affair called Hollywood Child. Chris Rock is returning to HBO in a new special. Kill The Messenger will air on September 27th and will feature Rock in New York, London and South Africa.
Brandy is going all out for her comeback. She is starring in a new ad campaign for Skechers footwear. Brandy is featured in the campaign with her daughter Sy'Rae.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about R Kelly and what his life has been like since being found not guilty of child pornography charges. He has been quiet, but sources say he is still partying. The parties have been non-stop at his Chicago home, and he is dating. The 4-year old singer has been dating an 18-year old who will be starring in his new music video.

Whitney Houston is back with Ray J, and this has caused quite a few alarms to go off. Friends of Houston feel she should be devoting her time to her unfinished album and her teenage daughter. Ray J has just signed a deal for a new reality show, and they feel he is using her to get ratings. Whitney's future is at stake, and a lot is riding on her comeback. A track from the unreleased album was leaked over the internet this past week.
Oprah Winfrey is getting ready to get rid of some of her favorite cars. Winfrey is raising money for her school for girls in South Africa. Some of the cars include a 1954 Mercedes Benz, a 1988 Rolls Royce, given to her by John Travolta, and a 1997 Aston Martin.

I am often asked: Does Oprah's best friend Gayle King have a man? She's always with Oprah. Yes! King has a man. For the past couple of years, King has been quietly dating Newark New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker. The two are taking it slow and staying out of the spotlight, but they are very much together.

There have been reports of another meltdown involving Singer Paula Abdul. The American Idol judge was spotted leaving her doctor's office and clutching some papers. At one point, she was bent over crying. Her publicists have responded. They claim she was bowled over in laughter, but eyewitnesses claim she was crying hysterically and had to be restrained.

Don't look for Mama, I Want To Sing in theatres. The movie, based on the hit off Broadway musical, is going to straight to DVD. The movie, scheduled for release early next year, stars Ciara, Lynne Whitfield and Hill Harper and Prophetess Juanita Bynum.

Rapper/Actor LL Cool J is not only working on the release of a new album, but he is also working a new cop drama for CBS. Friends of the rapper turned actor say LL may have to step back a bit and turn his attention to home. His teenage son has been hanging out and partying with the wrong crowd.

Singer Al Jarreau is hard at work on a new Christmas CD, which is coming out this fall.

Tyler Perry has just signed a new multi-million deal with Lions Gate Films. The new three-year deal will cover his TV work, his movies and DVD releases. Perry is currently working on Madea Goes To Jail, which opens in theatres February 20th. Tyler's on a roll. His movie, The Family That Preys, is set to open in theatres September 12th. The movie stars Alfre Woodard, Kathy Bates, Sanaa Lathan, Robin Givens, Taraji P. Henson, Rockmond Dunbar, Cole Hauser and Tyler Perry. You can check out the trailer right now on our website: Just go to Patty's Page.
Uncle Luke is a changed man with a new reality show. Luther Campbell, 47, a.k.a. "Luke Skywalker," recently tied the knot with a 27-year old beauty. Campbell, the father of two, says his days as a member of 2 Live Crew are long behind him. Campbell says he is a changed man, and he will prove it on his new reality show Parental Advice on VH1. The show will feature his recent wedding, and it debuts August 4th at 10:30 on VH1.

Get ready for a new Hairspray movie. The sequel to the popular movie is set for release in 2010, and it looks like Queen Latifah will be back as "Motormouth Maybelle."

Hot new couple alert: Actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat Star Dwayne Wade. Watch out Gabby! Wade is still married!

Singer Robin Thicke is set to release his new CD, Something Else, in September. The CD features the hit single 'Magic.'

Basketball Legend Julius Erving (Dr. J) will be teaming with Actor Kelsey Grammar for a new series of commercials for Dr. Pepper soda.
Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Time magazine. James is featured as one of the 100 athletes to watch during this year's Olympic games in China.

John Legend says his new CD, Evolver, should be ready for release in late October. The project has been pushed back several times, but now he says he is ready to release it.

KeKe Palmer is getting ready for her new show on Nickelodeon. The Akeelah And The Bee star will be starring in a new live action series on Nickelodeon called True Jackson, V.P. Palmer will play a teenager who heads up a fashion label. The show is set to debut this fall.
The 5th Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors takes place in October.
Upcoming TV and Film Events:
Unity Day is now Unity Weekend. The 30th Anniversary of Unity Day is happening on the Waterfront. Saturday and Sunday, August 23rd and 24th at Penns Landing at the Great Plaza. This year's performers include Howard Hewett, Kem, Tank, Ty Tribbett & Greater Anointing, Chante Moore, Joe, Eric Benet, Bill Jolly, Noel Gourdin, The Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Choir and many more.

The Rhythm And Blues Foundation's 20th Annual Pioneer Awards are taking place September 9th at The Kimmel Center. Honorees include Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Bill Withers, Kool and The Gang, The Whispers, The Funk Brothers, The Late Singer Donny Hathaway, and legendary Stax Records Chief and Co-Owner Al Bell. For more info call 215-893-1999 or go to

WHAT'S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A well known Rapper is about to regret dating a reality TV Star. She is talking about their love life and his love of men.
This Superstar needs to find a permanent girlfriend fast. He keeps getting into fake relationships, and his cover is about to be blown. He is starting to look foolish with the fake relationships. Either get a real girlfriend or be honest about who you are!

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KrewKit #6 Coming your way!

Look familiar??? Well similar paper was used aaaalll the way back in KrewKit #1!

Well here is a view of contents from our KrewKit #6! Paper used in this kit are from Paper Trunk. I love this paper line, so cute and love the texture! Has a nice quality feel to it.

What is Bre doing you are asking? Well she was (at the time), eating one of her "good baby food dinners" I know it looks like crap, but hey she liked it! If you are wondering what she is asking, it is some sort of pasta and meatballs...LOL and boy was she being SO silly! She won't even touch "baby food" anymore...she has to eat our food...and lots of it!

Keep posted on K2R's Design Team blog so you can see the different ideas and variations that all of the ladies come up with! If you are interested in purchasing this kit, be sure to get yours soon so you won't miss out!

You get 5 acrylic panels, Paper Trunk Paper, cute ribbons, embellies and lots of other cool stuff including some Teresa Collins! I added a little of blingage of course and my good ole' handy White Pen!


Shake! Rattle! and Roll!!!


Okay that was a pretty long one....thought it was stronger than what it actually measured at!
Measured in at 5.8, centered at Chino Hills.

Earthquakes....just another perk of living in Southern Cali...unfortuantely. The bummer about quakes is that there is NO WARNING...UNLESS you are on the phone with a person and a second letter they say, "Did you feel that!?" OR "SH&T! I think we are having an earthquake!"

Well I live on a raelly HUGE fault line...the great San Andreas fault line that is....runs for miles and miles and miles. Me and Jennifer Priest live about 25 miles apart and live on the same fault line. It is atthe base of the San Bernardino Mountains...

Anyway...I called my mom, she has Bre so I checked on the both of them. My mom is REALLY REEEALLY petrified of quakes, and she was home alone with Bre, my dad is at work. She was a little shaken up! I had to call her and ask her if she made sure she grabbed Bre when she ran to the doorway! She said she was in the middle of changing a peepee diaper of Bre's. SO when I called, minutes later...bre still had no diaper on! LOL!

Well, my building here at work just rolled forever. It wasn't one of those jolty quakes, it had more of a roll to it after the initial shake. See if you are a Californian, you know what I am talking sthere are different types of quakes (feeling / motion wise).

Well I guess we now prepare for the after shocks....

Shake ya lata!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

KrewKit #5

It's been waaaaay too long!

Before I get back on track let me first start by posting my latest acrylic project with Kits2Remember...With this kit, we worked with My Minds Eye and some cute embellies! I added some stuff from my stash of course!
My favorite colors lately to work with have been alot of greens, yellows and oranges and I thought this kit was really nice and summery getting me in the summer mood all over agin!

If you are interested in KrewKit #5, please be sure to visit the K@R store and visit the blog as well as we post ideas all month long. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for the next kit as well! (KK#5 also included the PaperTrunk Chipboard!)

Believe it or not this was actually my first time working with Stickles and it was pretty cool! The only thing about Stickles is that it can take a little time to dry. So one day, I ran into someone that gave me a suggestion and I tried it! What she recommended me to do was apply my Stickles and simply lay whatever needs drying, under a ceiling fan! So I tried it and it dried pretty fast considering I was already working under ceiling fans! But under an air flow, it should make it dry a little faster! Try it! You may be amazed! Don't forget you can always get your Stickle / Glitter Glue needs in K2R store in various colors!

Below are the pics of the mini book that I did...enjoy!Album cover of acrylic album - used Stickles around the edges...

Similar picture...cover of to the you can see front page better. (The big cute flower was included in the kit, but please keep in mind that there are various embellies in each kit.)

There is that cool wheel! (Various pics of me and Breanna)Details of the arrow on the Chipboard wheel... (items used on the wheel: Making Memories flowers, some Bling of course, green buttons, my good handy white pen of course!)

The arrow is also chipboard from Fancy Pants, and colored it with some chalk.

Hope you enjoyed!
Okay..I promise to come back with another post tomorrow as I have been much busy-o!
Ciao buddy friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Entertainment 4-1-1 Week of 7/13/08

The family of Dr. Martin Luther King is in turmoil, and Dexter King is at the center of the controversy. Dexter is being sued by his brother and sister, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King. They have accused their brother of stealing money from The King Foundation. Dexter says Hey, Wait A Minute! I'm No Thief! He says he is shocked by the lawsuit, and that this is a private matter that should stay private. Dexter has been involved with the foundation for many years. He has tried his hand at acting and pursuing a music career, but he has never held a steady job. He is currently living in Malibu, California, one of the most expensive residential areas in the country. Where is the money coming from to fund this kind of lifestyle? This is what his family wants to know: where is the money coming from for Dexter's Playhouse? Millions of dollars are at stake. If it's found that money has been misspent, the donations for The King Foundation could dry up. The past few years have been tough for The King Family. Their mother, Coretta Scott King, died two years ago, and their sister, Yolanda, passed away last year. One bright spot for the family was the birth of Martin III and his wife's daughter. After being publicly embarrassed, will Dexter relinquish control, and will the family ever be close again?

Singer Natalie Cole has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is spread through contact with infected blood. The 58-year singer found out about her condition through a routine exam. In a recent interview, she admitted she probably became infected during her days of drug use. Cole battled a serious drug problem years ago. One time during a heroin binge, she almost overdosed. The past few years have proven to be life changing for the singer as she overcame her demons and put her life back together. She is currently on medication as she deals with fatigue, muscle aches and dehydration.
What is the secret behind the marital success of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith? In a recent interview with a UK magazine, Will says their 11-year marriage is a success because they have an open marriage. Will is quoted as saying that it's okay to have sex with someone other than your spouse as long as your spouse is aware of it. He says he won't do anything if Jada doesn't approve. Can you believe this? The Smiths are the parents of three children. Jada is the stepmother to Will's oldest child. Rumors about their love life have been going around for years, and now Will is admitting it.

Al Reynolds says he still loves his soon to be ex-wife Star Jones. Reynolds recently posted a YouTube interview that he conducted himself, and he talked about Star. He admitted he still loves his wife, and he won't trash her. Reynolds says he and Star simply grew apart. He admits things started unraveling when she went to work for Court TV, and he started teaching in Miami. Reynolds addresses the gay issue. He says he is not gay. He states these rumors have damaged his professional reputation. He admits he has not talked to Star since she filed for divorce, and he is not dating anyone. Why would Reynolds make a statement now? Word has it he has developed a friendship with Prophetess Juanita Bynum. He is still a married man. If he is friends with Bynum, he is going to have to be careful. She's divorced, but since he's married, it's not a good look.

What's going with Don Cornelius? The 72-year old creator of the popular Soul Train TV series recently sold the brand name and licensing rights for the show. Cornelius made millions, and now he is spending the money like crazy. Cornelius loves the ladies, and the women he is hanging with love to spend his money. These women range from blondes to brunettes. They all have one thing in common: they are all younger than him. His friends feel as though he is acting like an old fool, and if he keeps spending his money on young ladies, it will all be gone.

Congrats to Singer Erykah Badu. She is expecting baby number three. Badu recently lashed out at critics who took her to task for her latest pregnancy. This will be her third out of wedlock and her third baby daddy. The previous dads are Rapper Andre 3000 and Rapper The D.O.C. Badu latest baby daddy is a music producer. Badu says she is tired of people judging her because she is an excellent mother who has a great relationship with her children's fathers.
No one wanted to Meet Dave last weekend. Eddie Murphy's latest movie cost $75 million to make, and only took in $5 million. Murphy has hinted he may retire soon. If he keeps making movies like this, he may not have to retire. His movie career is slowly tanking.

Soul Legend Al Green says he wants a wife. The 62-year old singer opens up in the new issue of Jet magazine about his life and his new album. Green is known for his great soul music and his infamous past. In the 70's, he was the victim of a scorned woman. Green hooked up with a woman who promptly left her husband and kids. When she suspected Green of having affairs with other women, she poured hot grits on him while he was taking a bath. She later killed herself. The scandal has haunted Green for years. He says this was one of the reasons he never sought out marriage. But now, over 30 years later, he is ready for that next big step.

Comedian Bernie Mack was recently booed at a political fundraiser for Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. Hundreds of people paid thousand of dollars to be at the fundraiser in Chicago. The event was billed as a family event. So, imagine the crowds surprise when Bernie took the stage cursing. The Oh My Gosh, Did He Say That reaction quickly turned to boos. Bernie was asked to end his act.

DNA tests have been ordered for all of the known children of the Godfather of Soul James Brown. When Brown died, he had claimed six children. Later after his death, four more kids were proven to be his via DNA tests. The James Brown Estate has yet to be divided, and nothing can be settled until all of the heirs submit to a DNA test. Needless to say the Brown children are furious. They feel they are his children, and do not need to be subjected to this. As far as they are concerned, the newcomers are the outsiders who are only in it for the money, not for their love of James Brown.

Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone play father and daughter in the comedy movie College Trip. The movie is now out on DVD.

Alicia Keys is in the running to sing the new theme song for the next Bond movie. The new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, comes out this fall.
The Jackie Chan Museum is set to open next year in Shanghais. The museum will feature the action star's costumes and props from his movies.

The divorce is off for the O'Neals. Shaunie and Shaq are going to work it out. Last year, their split sent shockwaves across the country. They appeared to be a very loving couple. They were in love and raising their children: his, hers and theirs. Then the inside stories started coming out jumpoffs, secret lovers, hidden cash and property. Millions of dollars were at stake, and the accusations of infidelity went back and forth. It's cheaper to keep her, and that is what Shaq is doing. Shaq has blamed former teammate Kobe Bryant for his marriage down fall. He said Bryant should have kept quiet about the side chicks. Is Shaq going to give up the other women? Will Shaunie just look the other way? Hmmmmmmmm!

Tyler Perry's new movie, The Family That Preys, is set to open in theatres September 12th. The movie stars Alfre Woodard, Kathy Bates, Sanaa Lathan, Robin Givens, Taraji P. Henson, Rockmond Dunbar, Cole Hauser and Tyler Perry. You can check out the trailer right now on our website: Just go to Patty's Page.

The life story of Nicole Richie is coming to TV. In 2005, Richie wrote a book called The Truth About Diamonds, which was loosely based on her life. The book told the story of a seven-year old who was adopted by a rich superstar and his wife. The girl grew up and hung out with an elite party crowd. She had run-ins with the law, and did a stint in rehab just like Nicole. Nicole went to rehab for a heroin addiction. The proud mother has come a long way, and she looks forward to bringing the story to the small screen.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell says she has no plans to retire. Campbell, 38, may have anger management issues, but she still looks good. Campbell says she won't leave the industry until there are blacks on the runway.

The voices are coming together for The Family Guy spinoff, Cleveland. Family Guy is the popular animated Fox show, and next year, the black neighbor, Cleveland, is getting his own show. Actresses Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan will be lending their voices to the series.Music Mogul Clive Davis is pulling out all the stops in his bid to bring Whitney Houston back to the top of the charts. Years of drug use have damaged Houston's vocal chords, and Davis has ordered her to take vocal lessons. The new Whitney album is expected to come out this fall, and Davis wants her to follow up with a live tour. Houston was known as one of the greatest singers of all time. When she returns, Davis wants it to be great. He wants the old Whitney to return to the top of the charts and reclaim her crown.

Speaking of comebacks, get ready for the return of Brandy. The singer has a new look, a new sound and a new album on the way. The past few years have been rough for the singer: disappointing album sales, a car accident that accidently killed a woman, lawsuits, failed relationships, the loss of a TV show and a fake marriage. Brandy needs a hit. She is hoping this will all lead to a return to TV with a new show.

The singing duo of Mary Mary, sisters Tina and Erica Campbell, are coming out with a line of bath and body products. It's called Be You by Mary Mary. They are also coming out with a new album, The Sound In September.

India.Arie is gearing up for her Broadway debut in a revival of the Ntozake Shange classic For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enough. Whoopi Goldberg is producing and opening night is September 8th.

The 5th Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors takes place in October.
Upcoming TV and Film Events:
CNN presents its Black In America series. I had a chance to talk with CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien, who hosts this documentary. The series originally began with a look at the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Beginning July 23rd, the series will examine The Black Woman And The Family and continue July 24th with The Black Man. Single parenthood, educational disparities, HIV/AIDS and poverty are among the topics examined.

WHAT'S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Hip Hop Mogul recently broke up with his Model girlfriend. He felt bad about the breakup, but the Model was glad it ended. She didn't like his spoiled children and his crazy, over the top ex-wife.

This reality show winner needs a stylist immediately. Her clothes are too tight and she looks greasy. She wants to be hot like her peers, but her bad styling choices are hurting her career.

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Real Quick...

Join me in this new forum called Urban Anthology!

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There is currently a membership drive and of course I want you to mention my name for referring! So hop on over! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! SO...come on over!

I will update you my life soon....all I can say is I had a FREAKIN BLAST on my birthday!!!!!
THE best I have EVER had! WOW!

Ciao friends!

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Entertainment 4-1-1 7/10/08

Jennifer Hudson's family is pleading with the Oscar winner to slow down in her current relationship. For the past few months, Hudson has been dating reality TV contestant David Otunga a.k.a. Punk from the VH1 reality show I Love New York. Otunga wants to make Hudson his wife, but to her family, this is all too soon. Hudson just got out of a relationship with childhood sweetheart James Peyton, and her family wants her to take her time. Hudson is under Otunga's spell with his curly hair and light eyes. She loves the attention he is giving her, but can she trust him? Does she know enough about him? Let's face it. Just a few months ago, he was on TV claiming his love for Tiffany Pollard a.k.a. New York. Was he just doing it to be on TV? Does he really love Hudson? Will he be a good husband? Hudson has a new album out in September and three new movies over the next year.

Mom! Can You Hear Me! I Need Your Help! Usher had an a-ha moment after The BET Awards. He thought his opening performance would be the show stopper. The one that everybody would talk about the next day, but the exact opposite happened. Everybody was buzzing about Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. Sales for Usher's CD have yet to reach a million copies, and the public relations fiasco following his recent marriage has not helped him. Usher has been reaching out to his mom, Johnetta Patton, who he fired last year. Usher claimed he wanted her to concentrate on being a grandmother to his son, but now he realizes he needs his momma to get his career back on track. So where does Tameka fit in? Homegirl is going to have to fall back and let Momma Patton do her thing. Check out Usher and his son on the new issue of Essence magazine.

Nick Cannon, a.k.a Mr. Mariah Carey, has a message for the haters. He says his marriage to Mariah Carey is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Cannon realizes that he is seen as a flunky who just spends her money, but he says it's his duty to make his wife happy. Carey's friends don't care for Cannon whose nickname is Whipped Nick.

Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry in Rome!!? Hmmmmmmmm! Winfrey is on vacation with longtime friend Gayle King and new found friend Tyler Perry. Stedman is nowhere to be found. Is Perry taking his place? In photos, Perry has been right by Winfrey's side and they appear to be happy. Tyler Perry's new movie, The Family That Preys, comes out September 12th. Oscar Winner Kathy Bates leads an all-star cast that includes Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Robin Givens and Perry himself. At this point in his career, Tyler wants more mainstream acceptance. Next year, he will be co-starring in the new Star Trek movie. Hanging out with Oprah Winfrey is a good way for Perry to achieve his goal.

Wesley Snipes is being allowed to leave the country. Despite his recent tax evasion conviction, a judge has ruled that actor can film two new movies in London and Thailand. Snipes faces a three year prison sentence. He is currently appealing the sentence.

Aretha Franklin's new autobiography, From These Roots, reveals all about the world famous singer. In the book, she talks about her long standing feud with Singer Gladys Knight. The Queen of Soul claims Knight spread lies about her mother leaving the Franklin family. Franklin talks about her love life. She says she knows she's a good catch, but she focused too much on her career to have a successful relationship. She also says she wishes she had a mentor like Berry Gordy to guide her career.

Now that he's a married man, it's time to lose weight. The honeymoon is over and it's time to cut the cards. American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard has gotten his marching orders from his new bride Surata. Mrs. Studdard wants to start a family, and she needs her husband healthy. Studdard currently weights 349 pounds. At his heaviest, he weighed 429 pounds. The Mrs. has put her hubby on a high protein-low carb diet.

Oscar-winning Actor Morgan Freeman is pleading with his wife of 24 years to take him back. The 71-year old actor says he was stunned when his wife confronted him accusing him of having an affair with one of her close friends. Freeman is currently promoting the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, and he is finding the controversy regarding his marriage distracting. In the new batman movie, Morgan plays the faithful assistant to Batman, played by Actor Christian Bale. There is a lot of anticipation regarding this movie because it is the final film appearance of actor Heath Ledger. He plays "The Joker," and he died of an overdose earlier this year. Freeman can't believe his marriage has fallen apart, and that his wife has chosen to listen to lies over him.

Actress Tasha Smith stole the show in the Tyler Perry movie Why Did I Get Married, and now she is stepping behind the camera to direct her first movie. The movie, Family, will star Bow Wow and Sharon Leal.

The wedding date is set for Actress Malinda Williams ("Bird" from TV's Soul Food) and Rapper D-Nice. The date is Saturday, August 23rd. Williams was most recently seen in the movie First Sunday. She says she has found her soul mate in D-Nice, a.k.a. Derrick Jones. She is ready to be Mrs. Jones. After a tumultuous relationship with actor Mekhi Phifer (they have a young son), her family says they are happy she has found true love.

Will Smith is truly the box office king for the Fourth of July holiday. His latest movie Hancock, where he plays a flawed superhero, took in over $185 million worldwide in box office receipts.

Ebony magazine has unveiled the 25 coolest brothers of all time. The August edition has eight different covers featuring Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, Marvin Gaye, Billy Dee Williams, Jay-Z and Muhammad Ali. Some of the other featured include Don Cheadle, Sidney Poitier, Prince, LL Cool J, Samuel L. Jackson and Gordon Parks, to name a few. The issue is on newsstands now. Al Green and New Edition are going to be profiled in future issues of Jet magazine.

Evander Holyfield is being hauled back into court again. His finances are a mess. He saved his $10 million home from going into foreclosure, but he is still having problems with his child support payments. He has nine children, and one of his baby mommas is claiming that she is owed $9,000 in back child support. She also says payment has stopped on her child's school tuition and their health insurance has been cut off. Holyfield's baby mommas were warned not to expect payments for up to three months as he sorted out his financial problems. But, some of the ladies depended on his money for their livelihood, and now they face evictions from their homes.

Lenny Kravitz says he is no home wrecker. Kravitz says rumors of him having an affair with Alex Rodriguez's wife Cynthia are not true. Kravitz and Rodriguez share the same manager, and he has been friends with Cynthia for years. Kravitz is currently on tour. He says he has worked to rebuild his image, and he doesn't need a scandal like this. Kravitz feels betrayed by his manger, and word has it he is seeking new management. Kravitz says the Rodriguez marriage may be having problems, but he is not the cause of it. Alex Rodriguez stands to lose millions in a divorce from his long suffering wife. Cynthia Rodriguez recently gave birth to their second child, a daughter, and she has accused the Yankee slugger of having an affair with pop star Madonna. Madonna has denied having an affair with the baseball star. Friends of Cynthia Rodriguez believe it was an affair of the heart that led the baseball star to the Kabbalah religion. The Kabbalah religion is known for their famous followers, and word has it they are on the hunt for their next big time donor. Either way A-Rod needs to watch his wallet.

Singer Sisqo of Dru Hill and The Thong Song fame is currently on probation following an arrest for D.U.I. The incident happened late last year in Baltimore, and he also has to pay up to $1,700 in fines.

Victor Willis, the original policeman for the disco group The Village People and co-writer of the classic songs Macho Man and Y.M.C.A. is recovering from vocal chord surgery. Willis has been having vocal problems for most of the year, and he is finally getting help. He hopes to continue touring later this year.

Beyonce will be headlining the 2009 Essence Music Festival next year. Look for a new Beyonce album later this year and a new movie with Idris Elba next February.

Chris Rock is teaming up with Hallmark Cards. Rock will be the voice for a new line of greeting cards that will deal with age, finances, and relationships.

At the movies, it's Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union. In the movie, Murphy plays a spaceship with people living inside his head.

WHAT'S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Sports Wife is desperate to hang onto the celebrity spotlight. She doesn't care how many jump offs her husband has, as long as he takes cares of her and their kids. She loves her lifestyle, and she is refusing to give it up no matter how silly she looks trying to hold on.

This victim of domestic abuse is beginning to realize her earning potential since the unfortunate incident. She was famous before, but now she is world renowned. In addition to helping other battered women, she has seen her earnings triple.

India.Arie is gearing up for her Broadway debut in a revival of the Ntozake Shange classic For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enough. Whoopi Goldberg is producing and opening night is September 8th.

The 5th Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors takes place in October.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Today Marks the Spot!

I am 30 yall!

I finally touched down!

Am I sad? Heck no! Am I happy? Hell yeah!
WHAT a blessing it is to reach such a huge milestone in life...

A lot of people dread turning 30, but honestly I have been looking forward. Life can only get better. I feel that my momma did a wonderful job raising me, I still have some things to scratch off my list, but I think in my short 30 years I have achieved a lot. Lets see, here are some of my accomplishments:

  • Married, will have been 7 years this November..WOW!
  • Baby girl just turned one, she is healthy as can be, and brings such JOY to my life!
  • We have a house
  • I am thankful to have a job where I can afford to live (here in Cali..where everything is just overpriced!)
  • I obtained my BA in Liberal Studies, concentration in Psychology from California State University San Bernardino

Those are just to mention a few

I think of all the people I went to school with and think of the paths that they took and paths that I took. Only a handful of us stayed on the same path, some did not.

I am really thankful for my parents for keeping me on track and most of all disciplining me! That's whats wrong with kids today! No discipline..but that's a whole 'notha post!

So what do I have planned? Tonight my family is meeting for dinner at one of my favorite spots..Mexico Restaurant, oh so good. THEN Saturday daytime, family get-together with the taco man..yummo...THEN, later that evening, PARTY TIME!!! WOOHOOO!!! Can't wait yall! It's gonna be fun!

Turning 30 is not bad after all! It's all hype!

Ciao people!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Breanna turned one!

June 27th 6:02, marked my anniversary for being a mommy....what a blessing it has been. It is amazing how fast time never know what people mean when they tell you how much time flys and to treasure the moments... I have learned so much and have learned how quickly you can fall in love with someone so little and do anything to protect and love. It has been challenging, but oh such fun and a HUGE blessing!

So last Saturday, we did celebrate Breanna's first birthday and we had a blast! It has taken me a moment to get pics together to make a slide show forgive us! The party consisted of about 50 folks, included Bre's family (little cousins, friends, and family)... Yes, I did go all out because I can! Seriously, it is a major blessing that she is here and we love her so next year, will be another story! So her aunt rented a jumper that had this amazing water you can see inthe slide...everyone was having a blast, not just the kids! LOL! My sister went down before ANYONE got there so she wouldn't be embarrassed, but little does she know folks she doesn't even know will be taking a look! =) We had Petals the clown come through and she did a WONDERFUL job! Which reminds me I need to also send her a thank you card. She did face painting, a magic show and balloon twisting! Some of the magic tricks I have seen before BUT one or 2 of them kinda got the adults! Some of us are still trying to figure out how she did some things...oh well. Petals was very interactive with all the kids which was cool....

We let her dig into her cake, took her a minute. I think she was slightly hesitant cause she knows it wasn't normal for a cake to be set in front of her! She had a ball!

She got TONS of stuff...thank you to everyone who came and wished her a Happy Birthday!
Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A little late...Entertainement News 6/08

The 8th Annual BET Awards will re-air Friday at 7:30. If you missed it, you will catch many musical surprises including the re-emergence of Maxwell during the Al Green tribute. The reunion of En Vogue, SWV and TLC and spectacular performances by Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. D.L. Hughley served as host for the evening. He was a little dry for my taste, but he was better than previous host Damon Wayans. Remember that awful night. Some of the highlights of the Afterparty included an obnoxious Sean "Diddy" Combs with jump off, Singer Cassie. Toni Braxton showed up. Despite her health issues with her heart, Toni looked fabulous. Lisa Raye was also in the house. She is no longer wearing her wedding ring, which signals that her marriage to the Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands is really over. Lisa Raye was feeling no pain at the afterparties, she had to be held up all night by Actor/Dancer Darrin Henson from Soul Food fame. Guests were surprised by her behavior. She was quite loud and boisterous. Obviously she had too much to drink. Keyshia Cole's family was also showing out. No one could miss the Coles with their profanity laced conversations. Despite a sex tape and a hit single, Brandy's little brother Ray J still gets no respect. He was denied access to the official Afterparty for the awards. He had to stay outside and mingle with the crowd. One big question of the night was the number of no shows including Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey. Two other notable absences were Denzel Washington and Halle Berry. They both won big awards and failed to show up. Missy Elliott was also a no-show, despite winning best female rap artist. Infamous no shows were the downfall of The Soul Train Awards. Let's hope this doesn't happen to The BET Awards.

The bets are in for how long Nariah will last. Bettors say six months because Mariah Carey is too demanding. Her hubby, Nick Cannon, waits on her hand and foot. His friends wonder how he can stand it. Is the money that good? Her friends say Nick is like a puppy and gets no respect. "Whipped Nick" is his nickname among her friends. He's spending her money, but she treats him like a servant. Will Nick ever man up?

Shaquille O'Neal let his true feelings be known about former teammate Kobe Bryant. They don't like each other, and now everyone knows. In a recent freestyle rap, Shaq dissed Bryant big time, claiming Bryant will never win a championship without him. And, that Bryant's snitching led to Shaq's marriage breakup. O'Neal feels Bryant was the reason he was allowed to leave the Lakers organization. Bryant wanted to be the star on the team, and demanded that Shaq be traded. When Bryant was facing charges of rape in Colorado, he talked about life as a ball player and admitted that all the players have wives and girlfriends, including Shaq. Shaq never forgave Bryant for that. Shaq has won a championship without Bryant the first year he joined the Miami Heat. Bryant has not been so lucky. Despite winning the league's MVP this year, his team was walloped by the Celtics during the NBA Finals. Shaq's words have come back to haunt him. He was recently named an honorary member of the Maricopa County Police Department in Phoenix Arizona. He currently plays center for the Suns. When word got out about Shaq's profanity filled rant about Bryant, the head of the police department took back their honor to have Shaq on the force, and they have asked him to turn in his badge and gun.

Janet Jackson wants to put a muzzle on boyfriend, Producer Jermaine Dupri. She couldn't believe her ears when he announced that they would be starting family after her world tour. Jackson was like Wait! Not so fast! I need to get my career back on track! Since teaming up Dupri, she has not had the music success she is used to. Her album sales for her latest CD, Discipline, were so bad, she won't be able to tour Europe as originally planned. Jackson has not been happy, and she is doing her best to salvage her career. She is planning to launch a lingerie line, and she just signed a deal with MTV to do a reality show. In the show, Jackson will be mentoring young singers and dancers, all leading up to her tour. Jackson will be in Philly on October 2nd. With her career in peril, the last thing she is thinking about is a baby. Big brother Michael is also planning to go into the clothing business with a new clothing line.

It's going to be a super size wedding for American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard. Big Rube is getting married this weekend in Alabama. The bridal party is huge. He will be accompanied by 20 groomsmen.

Jill Scott is also planning a trip down the aisle. Scott recently announced her engagement to Drummer Jon Roberts. He is the young drummer who plays in her band. This will be the second marriage for Scott. She divorced her first husband last year. Scott says the time is right to start a new. Jill says she's in love and is looking forward to starting a family. Beyonce will be seen in a couple of movie projects next year.

Beyonce will be featured as Singer Etta James in the movie Cadillac Records, and she will be starring in the thriller Obsessed with Idris Elba. Filming is currently underway in California.

Get well wishes to Scotty of The Whispers, he recently took ill during a concert in Philadelphia.

It was a special night for New Edition at the recent Rhythm And Soul Awards. To mark 25 years in the music business, they were awarded The Golden Note Award. This prestigious honor is given to songwriters, producers, musicians and artists who have made major contributions to the music world. The guys say it was quite an honor to get the award. All six members of the group were on hand, including Bobby Brown, who appeared to be the most excited of the group. He was jumping up and down, dancing and actually kissed the award when it was handed to him. When he attempted to bump and grind on the stage, he was politely escorted off to take pictures. When the other guys were asked to comment on Brown's behavior, they just smiled and said…. That's Bobby.

Singer Brandy is hard at work in the studio with longtime producing partner Rodney Jerkins. The album will be out early next year.

Al Roker has taken the helm of the new version of Family Feud. The new version is called Celebrity Family Feud.

Tyra Banks is gearing up for a new season of her talk show. Since winning a Daytime Emmy for Best Talk Show: Informative, she is determined to prove the haters wrong. Banks faced a lot of flak when she decided to go the talk show route, but now she feels vindicated with her recent Emmy win. Banks was very frank in her acceptance speech telling the haters to kiss her Bootyliscious behind.

After an eight year absence, Singer D'Angelo is ready to come back. He's currently in the studio working on a new project due out early next year. D'Angelo has been teaming up with John Mayer and Raphael Saadiq of Tony Toni Tone fame. The past eight years have been rough for the singer. He was almost killed in a car accident, and he has had numerous run ins with police over his drug use.

The six-year marriage between Prophetess Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks is officially over. The divorce decree came down last week. Last August, the Bishop's arrest in the beating of Bynum sent shock waves across the country. The wedding ceremony was a million dollar spectacle, but the marriage was filled with abuse, jealousy and resentment. In the beginning, Bynum vowed to save her marriage, but the scandal took a toll on everyone involved. After the infamous beating, the two remained in contact, even admitting in court that they had sexual relations since the beating incident. What will the couple do now, and will the Prophetess ever marry again?

Congrats go out to Singer/Songwriter/Producer Babyface. In addition to the upcoming birth of a new child with his girlfriend Nikki Pantenburg, he will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Why isn't Actor Wesley Snipes in jail? That's what Prosecutors want to know following Snipes' recent conviction on tax evasion charges. Snipes was sentenced to three years in jail, but he has not started his prison sentence. He is currently free on bail as he appeals the decision. Prosecutors feel he is mocking the system and should be in jail now.

The NBC crime drama Law And Order will be featuring a fall episode featuring a reenactment of the R Kelly Child pornography trial.

Get ready for the DVD of Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns. It arrives on Tuesday July 1st. The movie stars Angela Bassett and Rick Fox. The 5th Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors takes place in October.

Condolences to the family of Ira Tucker of The Legendary Dixie Hummingbirds, Tucker passed away this past week.

The US magazine cover of Barack and Michelle Obama sold close to million copies.

Motown Records is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a 10 CD box set. The Motown Collection comes out July 1st on Time Life Music. The box set will also feature a DVD of Motown stars on The Ed Sullivan Show and lyrics to 10 songs. Billy Dee Williams will be starring in the infomercial.

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards are set for February 8th, 2009. The show will air live on CBS.

Upcoming TV and Film Events:

Will Smith's new movie, Hancock, opens in theatres July 2nd.

The Rhythm And Blues Foundation's 20th Annual Pioneer Awards are taking place September 9th at The Kimmel Center. Honorees include Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Bill Withers, Kool and The Gang, The Whispers, The Funk Brothers, The Late Singer Donny Hathaway, and legendary Stax Records Chief and Co-Owner Al Bell.

WHAT'S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This award winning Actress/Singer needs to keep a close eye on her new boyfriend. He's only dating her for the perks. He wants to be famous, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. This well known Singer is ready for his comeback. He wants to be back in the spotlight, but he is ready to tell the truth about his secret life.
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