Monday, July 07, 2008

Today Marks the Spot!

I am 30 yall!

I finally touched down!

Am I sad? Heck no! Am I happy? Hell yeah!
WHAT a blessing it is to reach such a huge milestone in life...

A lot of people dread turning 30, but honestly I have been looking forward. Life can only get better. I feel that my momma did a wonderful job raising me, I still have some things to scratch off my list, but I think in my short 30 years I have achieved a lot. Lets see, here are some of my accomplishments:

  • Married, will have been 7 years this November..WOW!
  • Baby girl just turned one, she is healthy as can be, and brings such JOY to my life!
  • We have a house
  • I am thankful to have a job where I can afford to live (here in Cali..where everything is just overpriced!)
  • I obtained my BA in Liberal Studies, concentration in Psychology from California State University San Bernardino

Those are just to mention a few

I think of all the people I went to school with and think of the paths that they took and paths that I took. Only a handful of us stayed on the same path, some did not.

I am really thankful for my parents for keeping me on track and most of all disciplining me! That's whats wrong with kids today! No discipline..but that's a whole 'notha post!

So what do I have planned? Tonight my family is meeting for dinner at one of my favorite spots..Mexico Restaurant, oh so good. THEN Saturday daytime, family get-together with the taco man..yummo...THEN, later that evening, PARTY TIME!!! WOOHOOO!!! Can't wait yall! It's gonna be fun!

Turning 30 is not bad after all! It's all hype!

Ciao people!


Jennifer Priest said...

Welcome to the club Trisha! LOL I'm proud of you for all the things you've done and the things you continue to do. Way to go!

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday (a little late) !! you have been very blessed and I sure hope those blessings continue.
Girl, Bre is soooo cute, I love her slideshow!! My younges ds was watching and wanted to know who she was--yes he is a little macdaddy (he will be 4 in Aug.) so watch out!! hehe

Jennifer Priest said...

I've nominated you to receive the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008! Check it out on my blog!

Babydoll said...

HAPPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GIRL!! I hope you had fun celebrating!

Nnairda's said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm fast approaching 40 myself and looking forward to it.

Enjoy your 30's!


Jennifer Priest said...

And I am tagging you again! There's a little trivia Q&A thing on my blog post today for you to fill out. See ya soon!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh SHOOT!!! I missed this post. I'm sorry to have to wish you a happy belated birthday! But a happy birthday I wish you, nonetheless. I hope it was awesome as you appear to be :-).

Take care!

TanishaRenee said...

OMG, happy belated birthday girl!!!!!! 30 ain't so bad, right?! Love your outlook about turning 30- hope you enjoyed your day!

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