Sunday, July 06, 2008

Breanna turned one!

June 27th 6:02, marked my anniversary for being a mommy....what a blessing it has been. It is amazing how fast time never know what people mean when they tell you how much time flys and to treasure the moments... I have learned so much and have learned how quickly you can fall in love with someone so little and do anything to protect and love. It has been challenging, but oh such fun and a HUGE blessing!

So last Saturday, we did celebrate Breanna's first birthday and we had a blast! It has taken me a moment to get pics together to make a slide show forgive us! The party consisted of about 50 folks, included Bre's family (little cousins, friends, and family)... Yes, I did go all out because I can! Seriously, it is a major blessing that she is here and we love her so next year, will be another story! So her aunt rented a jumper that had this amazing water you can see inthe slide...everyone was having a blast, not just the kids! LOL! My sister went down before ANYONE got there so she wouldn't be embarrassed, but little does she know folks she doesn't even know will be taking a look! =) We had Petals the clown come through and she did a WONDERFUL job! Which reminds me I need to also send her a thank you card. She did face painting, a magic show and balloon twisting! Some of the magic tricks I have seen before BUT one or 2 of them kinda got the adults! Some of us are still trying to figure out how she did some things...oh well. Petals was very interactive with all the kids which was cool....

We let her dig into her cake, took her a minute. I think she was slightly hesitant cause she knows it wasn't normal for a cake to be set in front of her! She had a ball!

She got TONS of stuff...thank you to everyone who came and wished her a Happy Birthday!
Enjoy the pics!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

If I'm reading this right, your baby girl shares a birthday with my mom.

Looks like ya'll had a great time. I love birthday parties!

Trace Geworsky said...

Happy Birthday Breanna!!!!
That looks like a great first birthday party..loved the pictures!!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

How fun!! She is super cute! I am so sad that we had to miss the fun. See you (and Miss Bre) soon!

Veroncia said...

Happy B-Day Little B!!!

I have been waiting on you to post something about B's b-day. I thought her and Ava's were the same day. You gave a good party Mama! Job well done.

TanishaRenee said...

Happy belated birthday Bre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, where did the year go? I stil remember the post you made on the day she was due, stating that she was officially overdue! LOL! My goodness time flies and she is just a little beauty! Love those pink cakes!

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