Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shake! Rattle! and Roll!!!


Okay that was a pretty long one....thought it was stronger than what it actually measured at!
Measured in at 5.8, centered at Chino Hills.

Earthquakes....just another perk of living in Southern Cali...unfortuantely. The bummer about quakes is that there is NO WARNING...UNLESS you are on the phone with a person and a second letter they say, "Did you feel that!?" OR "SH&T! I think we are having an earthquake!"

Well I live on a raelly HUGE fault line...the great San Andreas fault line that is....runs for miles and miles and miles. Me and Jennifer Priest live about 25 miles apart and live on the same fault line. It is atthe base of the San Bernardino Mountains...

Anyway...I called my mom, she has Bre so I checked on the both of them. My mom is REALLY REEEALLY petrified of quakes, and she was home alone with Bre, my dad is at work. She was a little shaken up! I had to call her and ask her if she made sure she grabbed Bre when she ran to the doorway! She said she was in the middle of changing a peepee diaper of Bre's. SO when I called, minutes later...bre still had no diaper on! LOL!

Well, my building here at work just rolled forever. It wasn't one of those jolty quakes, it had more of a roll to it after the initial shake. See if you are a Californian, you know what I am talking about...ye sthere are different types of quakes (feeling / motion wise).

Well I guess we now prepare for the after shocks....

Shake ya lata!


Jennifer Priest said...

Trisha I am really glad you and your fam are okay--yeah we are CLOSE to that fault!! So, I am sure this was Bre's first quake and it was Matt's too--are you gonna scrap it? I am thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

Man, glad I was NOT in California for that one!!!!


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