Friday, January 25, 2008

Right Now!

Okay...I just got tagged by NannyGoat Nan.....and I must blog about what I am doing right now.

Hmm...what am I doing now??? I am currently watching 20/20. This is a good segment, speaking about anger in America and us as people losing it...who gets angrier? Men or women? Most people onhere were saying men...very interesting.

What else am I doing right now?
  • Chillin on my couch in night clothes with my laptop on my lap!
  • I also have my Elsie Flannigan 52 week Challenge Book right here by mys side as I will be going through it for inspiration for another layout challenge for my Yahoo group.
  • Ooooh...completely enjoying the fire that my husband made for me....

I think that is it!

Okay, now who am I going to tag....I know for sure...Nancy, I won't tag Jennifer, Jessica or Nan since the Nanny Goat tagged us initially...let me go hit up Miss Adriann as well...and some of my other scrapper friends...Laurie you too! I'm coming to get ya!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Years!

Okay thanks to Adrian for getting on my butt asking me when I was going to update my blog.

SO much has been going on it's unreal!
I am hoping for a great 2008, I have high goals for myself and I hope to accomplish at least half! Saying all may be a little unrealistic but hey, can't blame a girl for honestly trying!
I will try and list a few of my goals:

Non Scrap Related:
  • Focus in becoming debt free
  • Start to eat healthier
  • Stop going out to eat so much at work (everyday) and cook more at home.
  • Working out
  • Keeping up on my blog
  • Maintain my journal for Miss Breanna
  • (oh yeah) and try to maintain my blog!

Scrap Related:

  • Ummm...first and foremost, find a lab that still process 110 film! (Don't laugh)
  • Try and stay updated with my photos and not fall behind
  • Back up my photos
  • Travel to new stores
  • Try new techniques
  • Scrap more, shop less

Okay so that is good for now....

For some reason I was just not into the Christmas season this year and it could possibly be to the passing of my "papa" my grandpa. The funeral was held yesterday and we said our final goodbyes. I really hope the family can get it know how it is....

I had a series of crazy events that happened to me on Friday, like it was Freaky Friday...made me laugh the next day...lets no particular order:

  • My back passenger window regulator decides to break before our 5 day rain!? WTH!? My 6 month old has a cold...I just got the car in NOVEMBER....can anyone tell me why my EXTENDED WARRANTY that I purchased had not had all the paperwork processed yet!?
  • I was on my way out of town for funeral I had to rent a car. I ended up with a HUGE black was really nice though...huge car, had a lot of booty!
  • The rain was horrible
  • My baby girl threw up peaches all in my face, went in my shirt, bra and Tiffany linked necklace....YUCK!
  • Saving the best for last..I get home 10:30pm that night and I had to break into my own home...the only keys I had were the keys to the rental as my car was in the shop that day...the look on my dogs face...priceless...I felt like a criminal, hands all whelped up and scratched! LOL! I had to climb UP into the window...of a chair, butt first so I could land on my dresser...Lord have mercy! It was a site to see...

Anyway, it is day 4 of the rain, supposed to have 5 days...maybe one last day? I like the rain as long as I am indoors, cause people lose their freaking minds outside on the road.

Adrian, are you happy now? I hope you read every bit of my post and got a little laugh out of it.

Here's to a good year...2008...Happy New Years to all my friends & family!

Love you all!

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