Friday, January 25, 2008

Right Now!

Okay...I just got tagged by NannyGoat Nan.....and I must blog about what I am doing right now.

Hmm...what am I doing now??? I am currently watching 20/20. This is a good segment, speaking about anger in America and us as people losing it...who gets angrier? Men or women? Most people onhere were saying men...very interesting.

What else am I doing right now?
  • Chillin on my couch in night clothes with my laptop on my lap!
  • I also have my Elsie Flannigan 52 week Challenge Book right here by mys side as I will be going through it for inspiration for another layout challenge for my Yahoo group.
  • Ooooh...completely enjoying the fire that my husband made for me....

I think that is it!

Okay, now who am I going to tag....I know for sure...Nancy, I won't tag Jennifer, Jessica or Nan since the Nanny Goat tagged us initially...let me go hit up Miss Adriann as well...and some of my other scrapper friends...Laurie you too! I'm coming to get ya!


Jennifer Priest said...

Yes I got tagged too! LOL Hope all is well with ya!

Adriann said...

I was wondering what you were up too... I'll post tonight.

TanishaRenee said...

cool tag- off to do it now!

The Fry's said...

Trisha, your daughter is soooo cute!

Nan Paturzo said...

i see....more time with the laptop...does DH know?

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