Monday, February 11, 2008


If you have ever induldged yourself into Greek life in college, you will recognize the following:

Excuses are tools of the incompetance
Those who use them will amount to NOTHING
We cannot
Will not
And shall not use them! what is my excuse for not keeping up this blog? I mean how hard is it?
I look at all of my friends posts and they are all elaborate, layouts, challenges, etc! Ya know? My friends are really doing there thing, and doing a really good job at keeping their blogs up! Go girls for all you girls reading my little stinkin post! I'm trying..but sometimes I just don't get around to it. Maybe what I need to do is start making my first pit stop!
Everytime I log on I check the following:
  • My email is #1 priority
  • (my private messages, then the message boards I belong too)
  • My beloved Yahoo group
  • My Space

So maybe what I can do is rearrange a few of these so I make one of my first stops!

Okay...its getting late, I created a new post, just blabbing....great!


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