Monday, March 08, 2010

Little bit of this and that....

Hello my Blogger friends and to the unfriends!

I am really irritated as to why I get junk comments! Just random off the wall advertisements...does anyone know why? Is it because my blog appeared to be abandonned?

Its been lookin a little abandoned for many reasons that I wont even bore you with.
Lets just say, I am SO very happy and blessed to be alive..and breath another day.

Last Friday I lost a great great uncle that I loved dearly and the same day, learned of my coworkers death due to a fatal crash on the 15fwy (known as the fwy that gets you to Vegas). just reminds me suddenly we can be here one minute and gone the next.

Yesterday was a great day in church...we had a visiting pastor from Haiti and a few other clergy men attended with him, it was moving and powerful.

It is sad..because its funny how the media chooses to report only the casualties, the sad things, the ruins. But what we aren't seeing is the unity that this country has yet after this devastating earthquake. Do you know the Haitians attend church everyday....their Wednesday is like our Sunday. The pastor that was visiting, says crowds just come from nowhere...big crowds. They are praising and worshiping from sun up to sun down...LITERALLY! They are dancing in the street as if nothing ever happened. They are so RICH with hope its makes me just say, wow.

My bible is in car but I will bring it in the house share some words he shared with us...very strong and powerful.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey to all my cyber friends, let you all know I am still breathing.
I have neglected you and I am sorry! Life changes man...I tell you!

All I can do is try harder!

Ciao for now!
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