Saturday, May 02, 2009

March of Dimes Walk 2009

I am so happy to FINALLY be posting this post! Well I left my previous post up for a good a reminder to help me accomplish my goals for the March of Dimes Walk.! This year Bre did not join me because her attention span wouldn't work with me for 6 miles!

So in this post I am sharing with you pics and a BIG thanks to all of my contributors! And if you didn't get a chance to contribute...there is always next year!

Big THANKS to:

Reggie Jones, my special guy

Barbara Butler

Stanley Butler

Karen Miller

Tracie Mann

Erica Weinstock

Elena Etcheverry

Laurie Rush

Janice Simmons

Kristina Simpkins

Angela Joyner AKA Angie Pooh

Connie Padilla

Marie Cartmill

Stanna Garner

Kanesha Boyd

Shae Schabath

Valerie Micheal

Amy Nespar


I know times are very hard on all of us which is why I am ever so grateful for those who did give me some "extra"money that could had went to either the gas tank or the kitchen table!

I completed the walk in about 1 & 1/2 hour...the weather was pleasant. My "Sista from anotha Mista" (Alondra) came along and we were on a serious mission. Why? Well dugh...we had a crop to get to. Shout out to WhoGivesaScrap!

Anyhow, the show can finally move on...have posted and now you can expect to see lots of other goodies that I have been holding on to until I posted about March of Dimes!

Okay...I did leave out one part....How come I couldn't find my vehicle in the parking structure....kid you not, I walked the dang structure about 12 minutes...I was really tired and REALLY needed to potty! Time was NOT on my side! I mean imagine....I had just completed this 6 mile walk...NOW I really need to get to my crop. I was in Reggies truck and I couldn't set the alarm off cause of course the horn isn't working probably due to a minor fuse! So I am walking and walking and walking. It was my first time parking in RCC's (Riverside Community College) structure...and when you enter you enter on the top I was all twisted!!!

Anyway...stop laughing now.

Thanks again for the kind words, encouragement, and most of all your generous donations!



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