Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KrewKit #3 with K2R!

Here are a few photos of the latest KrewKit with Kits2Remember. I had a real pleasure working with this kit because I know my husband will thoroughly enjoy it for his first "official" Fathers Day. This time last year, Breanna was not quite here.
This KrewKit #3 features a paper line called "Time Flies." I enjoyed this paper because it works out incredibly well as Fathers Day is right around the corner!

Here are a few ideas that can be used for this paper in the kit:

  • Father's Day
  • Travel
  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Tribute Albums
  • Any and other specialty albums

This kit has masuline all over it, but can easily also be turned into a non-gender project as well. You easily splash other colors in with this project as I did that with a few cards I made.
I decided to do a little mini Fathers Day album basically to remind my husband that for his first Fathers Day I am honoring him for being a great father to his first baby girl. Alot of times he may feel he isn't doing the right thing, or afraid to handle her still sometimes, but he has really made a BIG effort in getting over those fears. Alot of times we need to be reminded of how much we appreciate others, whether it be a spouse, friend, relative, boss, etc.

Items I used that were NOT included in the kit:

  • Kasier Wooden Embellies
  • Fancy Pants chipboard pieces (which I chalked)

Here are some other projects that I was able to make with the KrewKit!

This was basically a little love note made with the transparencies and acrylic pieces. I am waiting for the perfect time that my hubby needs a "pick-me-up!" I can easily leave this somewhere where he will not miss it, like maybe in the seat of the car, or on top of his lunch box, or near his keys...basically to let him know, that I love him and I am here for ya!

Some cards I made:

The base for the cards (the green and red) came from Creative Imaginations.
The last project shown above, is a small little chipboard book, I put together for a friends birthday.

If you are interested in purchasing your KrewKit #3 today, you can find it here!
Remember if you have any questions regarding the products used or any other questions, please feel free to post OR you can visit our message boards at K2R!

For additional ideas on this kit, please feel free to also visit our blog to view my fellow Krew Members work here: http://www.k2rkrew.blogspot.com/
Thanks for looking!
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dog Themed Acrylic Album

Here is an album that I created for K2R. It was a plain circle shaped acrylic album and it was oh so fun of course to do. How did I create this? Well I had some old Bo Bunny Papers that I used, it was originally for a dog paperbag album so I dug it out and BAM!!!

So I pulled out my famous Sharpie Poster Paint Pen, Black, Blue and White making memories paint. I used a few of my circle punchies and inked some edges...thats about it!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yes, I have been slacking lately...wait till you see what I have been up to and what I still have to, maybe then you will cut me al ittle slack! I swear I forget who I am sometimes...I think I am losing sense of self! LOL! Anyway...my latest creation that I would love to share with you is up on K2R blog right now...unfortuantely I have not yet posted here yet, but has been posted on the other site! So please click on the link and whats in store for KrewKit#2!

Bam Pop was so fun to work with!


Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

He screams for Ice Cream!!!

So for those of you who know Reggie (my WONDERFUL husband), he looooves him some sweets! I think he favors Cold Stones over Baskin Robbins but if you have a deal like B&R had last night...you BETTER bet your bottom dollar, Reg showed up for the deal!

Okay...I have to set the scene...

Yesterday my parents invited us over for BBQ last night for dinner. Prior in the day, my mom and dad told Reg that Baskin Robbins had $.31 scoops of ice cream. So he was OFF all day mind you...I think he may have forgot...obviously. So..anyway, later I'm off, go pic up Reg, Bre is already at Grandmas to go eat dinner *this is about 8ish already* SO...then all of the sudden out of no where Reg busts through the back door as he had an "ah ha' moment! "Everybody's getting ice cream!!!" I'm like "What!? We came over here to eat dinner!" LOL! So I asked him, dang can we eat dinner first??? He poked out his lips...so now I am like whatever man...just go...I'm gonna eat! He poked his lips out again! I said "OKAY! I'LL WAIT!" Well...when he got there...he said the line was OUTSIDE of the building and the length of the strip mall! LOL! Well luckily on the side that 31 flavors is on only has 3 stores...

Reg calls me, here is the conversation:

Reg: Babe! It's alot of people down here!
Me: Yeah...
Reg: YEAH! They have DJ's! Firetrucks! A Sh*t load of people are out here!
Me: Yeah...really? Wow...
Reg: Dang! Well what should I do?
Me: Well babe did you get in line already?
Reg: Yeah...
Me: Well, its up to you. It's kinda cold outside, at least there is entertainment.
Reg: Yeah true...
Me: Well see where you are at in 10 minutes
Reg: Okay! Bye...

About 15-20 minutes later....
Reg: I'm still in line..
Me: Wow...really...are you in the buiilding at least?
Reg: Nope!
Me: Babe, it is really late....
Reg: I know, I got my tastebuds all ready for ice cream! Well maybe I will just go to Ralphs and
get ice cream.
Me: Babe! We have ice cream at home already!
Reg: Oh yeah thats right...well I am already in line, so I will hang around for a little while longer..

30 minutes later...
Reg: I'M INSIDE!!!
Me: Well about how many are in front of you?
Reg: Alot!
Me: Okaaay???
Reg: Man they just told me if I had bought a Togos sandwich I could had order my ice cream too and not stayed in line!
Me: Wow..sorry..

20 minutes later...he comes back to my moms....
Reg: 13 scoops for $4.00!!!!
Me: WOW! (Laughing cause he was SO excited. Then I started thinking and adding the scoops up in my head being that only 3 people got ice cream. I only asked for 3 and my mom asked for 3...leaving Reg with 6 scoops of ice cream!)
Me: REG! Thats alot of ice cream!
Reg: I know!!!! Good deal hugh!?
Me: Well dang, how many scoops did you get for yourself?
Reg: 5!
Me: What!? (I started counting out loud) Mom! You got 5 scoops too!? LOL!
Mom: No! I asked for 3!
Reg: Babe! You asked for 5!
Me: Umm...no babe I didn't! LOL! You asked me what kind I want, I said 2 scoops of Cookies & Cream and 1 Gold Medal Ribbon...
Reg: Oh...sh&t! I thought you said 5, so I got what you got!

(Oh boy)....

As we are leaving..

Reg: Stan! (my dad) You got some Immodium just in case?


Why we didn't even eat the ice cream!? It was late!
Well you know what I am having for dessert tonight!
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