Thursday, May 01, 2008

He screams for Ice Cream!!!

So for those of you who know Reggie (my WONDERFUL husband), he looooves him some sweets! I think he favors Cold Stones over Baskin Robbins but if you have a deal like B&R had last BETTER bet your bottom dollar, Reg showed up for the deal!

Okay...I have to set the scene...

Yesterday my parents invited us over for BBQ last night for dinner. Prior in the day, my mom and dad told Reg that Baskin Robbins had $.31 scoops of ice cream. So he was OFF all day mind you...I think he may have forgot...obviously. So..anyway, later I'm off, go pic up Reg, Bre is already at Grandmas to go eat dinner *this is about 8ish already* SO...then all of the sudden out of no where Reg busts through the back door as he had an "ah ha' moment! "Everybody's getting ice cream!!!" I'm like "What!? We came over here to eat dinner!" LOL! So I asked him, dang can we eat dinner first??? He poked out his now I am like whatever man...just go...I'm gonna eat! He poked his lips out again! I said "OKAY! I'LL WAIT!" Well...when he got there...he said the line was OUTSIDE of the building and the length of the strip mall! LOL! Well luckily on the side that 31 flavors is on only has 3 stores...

Reg calls me, here is the conversation:

Reg: Babe! It's alot of people down here!
Me: Yeah...
Reg: YEAH! They have DJ's! Firetrucks! A Sh*t load of people are out here!
Me: Yeah...really? Wow...
Reg: Dang! Well what should I do?
Me: Well babe did you get in line already?
Reg: Yeah...
Me: Well, its up to you. It's kinda cold outside, at least there is entertainment.
Reg: Yeah true...
Me: Well see where you are at in 10 minutes
Reg: Okay! Bye...

About 15-20 minutes later....
Reg: I'm still in line..
Me: Wow...really...are you in the buiilding at least?
Reg: Nope!
Me: Babe, it is really late....
Reg: I know, I got my tastebuds all ready for ice cream! Well maybe I will just go to Ralphs and
get ice cream.
Me: Babe! We have ice cream at home already!
Reg: Oh yeah thats right...well I am already in line, so I will hang around for a little while longer..

30 minutes later...
Reg: I'M INSIDE!!!
Me: Well about how many are in front of you?
Reg: Alot!
Me: Okaaay???
Reg: Man they just told me if I had bought a Togos sandwich I could had order my ice cream too and not stayed in line!
Me: Wow..sorry..

20 minutes later...he comes back to my moms....
Reg: 13 scoops for $4.00!!!!
Me: WOW! (Laughing cause he was SO excited. Then I started thinking and adding the scoops up in my head being that only 3 people got ice cream. I only asked for 3 and my mom asked for 3...leaving Reg with 6 scoops of ice cream!)
Me: REG! Thats alot of ice cream!
Reg: I know!!!! Good deal hugh!?
Me: Well dang, how many scoops did you get for yourself?
Reg: 5!
Me: What!? (I started counting out loud) Mom! You got 5 scoops too!? LOL!
Mom: No! I asked for 3!
Reg: Babe! You asked for 5!
Me: babe I didn't! LOL! You asked me what kind I want, I said 2 scoops of Cookies & Cream and 1 Gold Medal Ribbon...
Reg:! I thought you said 5, so I got what you got!

(Oh boy)....

As we are leaving..

Reg: Stan! (my dad) You got some Immodium just in case?


Why we didn't even eat the ice cream!? It was late!
Well you know what I am having for dessert tonight!


Laurie said...

This is SO a Reggie story!! Love it!!

Jennifer Priest said...

You guys are hilarious! I can totally see him on the phone with you too. I heard about the lines--I forgot about it myself and did not go but some of my girl scout moms went and said the lines were out of control. Wow! I would have just gone to Ralph's myself!

Babydoll said...

Love the story!!! LOL!

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