Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Did It!!!! Bre's 1st Community Service!!! above you see pics from this weekends March of Dimes / March For Babies walk. My sorority participates in the walk annually, held in Riverside, starting and finishing at RCC. The walk is for a wonderful cause! For more info visit:

First...I do want to GIVE a HUGE THANKS for those who helped me surpass my goal! I had a goal of $200, but actually raised $300! My chapter actually turned in I believe somewhere arounf $1500, which we also exceeded our goal!

My contributors...

Ray Alexander

Barbara Butler

Stanley Butler

Tomasa Collins
Gayle Cundari
Melissa Eiselein
Cindy Fahrbach
Nancy Finch
Marie Gladue
Laurie Herrera
Ruth Johnson
Reggie Jones
Rhonda Jones
Cheryl Martin-Howard
Nan Paturzo
Jennifer Priest
Jannice Simmons
Lisa Spiegel

Thanks you everybody who donated!!!
I am really paying for the walk I did yesterday physically BUT it was for a GREAT cause so that makes me feel better! Last year I was unable to particiapte for obvious reasons..I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, so that was out! feels like I haven't done this walk forever! I swear I forgot about that BIG hill! Good thing I had my soror that helped me out! LOL!
I wasn't really sure how Breanna would do on the walk since she would be in her seat the entire time, the longest so far, but she did great!!! She is such a big girl! She was awake and then about 20 minutes into the walk...she was done!


After.... (missing my picture!) =( Will insert later....

Here is me and my long time friend and coworker Laurie! We met up a few times during the walk. She was also walking with her good friends Jodi & Ruby, which I hadn't seen them in YEARS! I told Laurie that I would like to finish the walk no later than 11am....and guess what...we finished it about 30 minutes before 11am! We were on a roll! Don't get me was for a wonderful cause BUT! The weather! It was just HOT out of nowhere! LOL! So that was the rough part...We started the walk about 8:30, 8:45 and we did the 6 miles in little over 2 hours, it was great!

So...what else....did I mention already that I was sore? feels like someone has spready my legs as far as they could possibly go in opposite directions! And to top it off after my adrenaline settled down..I was walking like I was about to re-deliver Breanna! I am feeling alot better today thank God! =)

My Lovely Sorors from Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, INC! We showed up in numbers! Members of Epsilon Sigma, undergraduate chapter, Pi Zeta Zeta chapter, Pearlettes and Amicettes were all there representing!

After we were done, I really couldn't wait to get home, shower and wash my face and get all the dried up salt (from my sweat) off my face! Of course when I get home, Breanna already had her nap so she is ready to play! LOL! I thought maybe if I lay her down with me and watch TV or something she would be cool and mellow...NOPE! She was climbing on me, crawling over me, stepping on me...trying to dive off my bed! But the girl was tired thats the funny thing. SO...obviously that wasn't working! So what I did was nicely picked her up, grabbed her paci (pacifier), and her fav blanket...put her in her bed...I peeked in their twice and she was standing up, looking at herself in the mirror of her closet doors. The 3rd time I walked in there, she was kinda kneeling I let went back and did the dishes. 4th time I walked in there this is what I saw...

I was laughing SO hard, I had to quietly run out the room! Bre has a habit of sitting up in her bed and falling I guess she kinda just fell forward and her head fit nicely inthe corner! I came back in after I regained my composure and gently pulled her legs from underneath her....hilarious! Love it...She had a LONG morning and was exhausted as well as mama! Bre's first of MANY community services!

Until next year!



Jennifer Priest said...

Way to go on reaching your goal--looks like you had fun even tho it was hot. Cute pics of Bre too!

Nan Paturzo said...

oh, look at that tired baby! congrats on hitting (surpassing) all your goals.

TanishaRenee said...

Awww, way to go Bre! She's getting so big!

Laura said...

Great photos!! It sounds like a fun day.

Babydoll said...

OMG that last picture is hilarious!!! LOL!! Poor baby!! Glad you guys had fun and that you reached your goal!

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