Saturday, October 01, 2005

October 1st

Geez, it is October 1st already and why does it still feel like the middle of freakin July!!! It is so hot, still in the 100's. The weather can change so drastically, its like "Wait a minute! I was enjoying the cool 80 degree weather we had about 2 weeks ago." I am really waiting for winter to come. Like I mentioned before I love bundling up especially with my boo! But cooling down is another dilema! Especially if you live anywhere in the Inland Empire! I swear I saw Satan at 7-11 getting a slurpy!!!


MrsSmitty01 said...

Oh, My God!! That was too funny! "Satan at 7-11 buying a slurpee" I have to say that was cool. I agree with you on this hot weather! It is pretty crappy.

Cate said...

I popped by to see what you thought of last night's Desperate Housewives.

I thought it was Bree's night. My favorite line was when she asked her crying mother-in-law if she wasn't afraid she'd get dehydrated. That actress deserves an Emmy!

And you were right. It IS a man in the basement, and you guessed it was her husband, too. Pretty good guesswork. It SEEMS like that's who it is. With these TV shows I'm never really sure until I see it (which looks like it may be next week.)

LuvJones said...

Aww was good last night! I hate when it goes off...why is that woman lying!? She said her son was dead!!! WOW!!! Poor Bree...why is she all over that pharmacists!! I loved the way she smacked the hell out of her mother in law!
Well I guess we have to wait till next week for more!
I love it!

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