Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pajama Crop...couldn't hang!

Yup this is me!!! I know I look a mess but it was a pajama crop! There was a pajama crop at our Local Scrapbooking Store called Among Friends, celebrating its one year anniversary. There was an all night crop, 7pm-7am...needless to say I didn't hang till no 7am! I left about tired didn't know what to do! When thnigs start looking blurry and the same, its time to walk away! Everything was nice though, nice turn out, munchies, food, everything was nice. I even picked up a few prizes! My team won in Jepoardy...woohooo!!! Here are some more pics below of us scrappinthe night away....
Alondra and Kim posing for me!
Jennifer and Jacki!
Trisha and Jacki
Jolyn (store owner), Jennifer, Jacki, and Julie (instructors at store)
Miss Sharon and Holly
Trisha and Jennfier

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