Monday, July 16, 2007

Guess who I saw today?

Well...I was out minding my own business...doing some shopping at Scrappin Good Times in San Dimas, and who rolls in? Miss Michelle Hill! Okay so I am like, dang, I don't wanna come off stalker like or papparazi'ish! How do I just say hi!? So while she walked in I was still browsing and still thinking of how to say hi! Oh yeah..I wasn't too sure if it was her initially, but that voice! I remember her voice! Had to be her! This past March, I did one of her cute make & takes, for free and was worth it, really cute! She used a lot of Lil Davis stuff. I guess I should download it to my gallery...anyway..back to the situation at hand!

So anyway, I proceed to check out and she is back at the die cutting area making kits or I ask the lady checking me out: "Is that Michelle HIll?" and she was like, "Yeah." So by this time, Miss Hill had walked back up my way and I was like forget...I said, "Umm excuse me, Miss Hill?" LOL! I was kinda being funny...she looked at me and I told her that I wasn't trying to come across all funky but really just wanted to say hello! She was really cool, evem gave me a hug! I believe in April I went to a rubberstamp / scrapbook expo in Pomona, and a vendor, Freckle Friends (which are awesome by the way), were selling one of her album kits. It was really cute. So I bought it...and finally uploaded it into my gallery just now! Don't ask me why it took me to meet up with her again to remind me to upload it!
Anyway, just wanted to share...she was really cool people, really laid back. But she was like that in the class, down to earth.

Only a few of the pics out of the book...


Renia said...

Wow! Thats really cool to meet someone you admire. I would love to meet Faye Morrow Bell. I love the slide show....Breanna is so cute! I can't get over how fast you bounced back after having the baby. I didn't leave the house in 2 weeks....Lol!

TanishaRenee said...

I love the mini album! I plan to do a lucky me mini album...soon I hope!

Adriann said...

Ooh! Nice kit! I love the colors. I haven't been in the scrap world long enough to know the "names" yet. Must be nice to meet someone's work you admire and they are friendly too.

Enjoy the week!

JenniferPriest said...

How cool Trisha!! She is really fun too. Celeb sighting!! LOL

scrappy77 said...

Great album!! Love your slide show! Your baby is getting so big so fast! She does look a lot like you husband! She's a cutie! Hope things are going well!! ~Monica~

Vee said...

that is awesome, she seems so sweet, love her blog
awesome mini, love the tulle, just got some on my trip. :)

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