Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pimp Down!

Well....what had happened was...

Yesterday I made my family pulled through for me yesterday! We got started around 8:30 and we were about to be finished and there was just one more last box in the UHAUL. So ...I was about to grab the LAST box off the UHAUL...and it had to be me right?

UGH! Well no! I didn't see the big A&% piece of glass from my coffee table that the BOX was holding came crashing down on me! Corner of the glass CRASHED on the side of my leg by my knee...SLID down my leg landing at my ankle bone!


Lets just say my leg looks like Maywether got a hold of it! It feels alot better today than yesterday though! MY mom really took care of me last night, kept me iced up even when I was sleep...Thank GOD for mommys!

Thanks for all the get wells! LOL! Damn!

Pimp down!


Brown English Muffin said...

ohhh that sounds nasty!!! Ouch! Hope it feels better

Rochelle said...

yuck!!! I am glad you are feeling better!

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