Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This weekend was a freakin BLAST!!!!

I had the best time of my life!
This past weekend, my scrapbook group planned a scrapbook retreat in Palm Springs. It was great. There were 6 of us. Let me give you a little taste of what I was dealing with this weekend. We were at a 3 bedroom villa, where each bedroom had their own bathroom wich was nice. Before hand Andrea (who hosts the retreats), asked us which is our favorite snacks and drinks. She had AMPLE supply of goodies. When we got there, she had goodie bags for all of us. She waited on us hand and foot. She made our freakin beds for cryin' out loud! Cooked us complete meals, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! even had some sweets for us at night time. She made sure we wanted nothing, we were never bored. We pretty much entertained ourselves.
Saturday we kinda hung out more than anything...some of us had massages whoch were GREAT, we went shopping at the local scrapbook store and some went to clothing stores. There was a pool and jacuzzi in the back yard, not to mention which was a private patio. We were all out there hangin out, laughing, dancing, we must have watched about 10 movies! We ate like all day! It was just awesome, totally worth the price! Check out where we were: www.sundancevillas.com, we were in the Victoria Villa.
If you are interetsed in a scrapbook retreat and you are in Southern Cali area here is the website: www.psletsscrap.com I wish I could go back!!!

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