Sunday, September 14, 2008

KrewKit #7

It is LOOOONG overdue that I have posted some scrappy stuff! Life is just really crazy right now! I have some other pics to share of what I been up to..but for now, I would like to share with you my final project with Kits2Remember.

This was my first design team that I designed for and it was truly an experience... =)
I love Miss Jessica G, she is such a sweetie and a true person! The first day I met her, I said to myself, I like her! ***If you are reading Jessica....THANKS a bunch for the experience and keep up the good work and continue being real!***

KrewKit #7 had bundles and bundles of material to work with! After completing these projects I still have leftovers! That is the best thing about K2R Kits! There always seems to be plenty of leftovers! After I created the acrylic album, I made 3 cards to share with you.

This line of paper is from Polar Bear Express, I thought it was really cute! I liked the paper as well as it had a nice heavy cardstock feel to it. The papers had both solids and printed paper and double sided.

As usual, my daughter seems to be the main focus of my projects, so here I found a few pics of her doing one of her favorite things...sleeping! It was cool to see her move from her bassinet, to her Pack & Play (because she almost became longer than the length of the Bassinet), then off to her crib. My baby girl is a WILD sleeper! One panel you will see her with her feet hanging through the slats of her crib! Classic!

This book was fun to make as it is loaded with Bling, Buttons, doodling and more Buttons!

Front View of the sleeping princess!

Over and Side View....lovin all those freakin buttons!

Bassinet days....she would always somehow kick her feet out of her swaddle....

Awww....her daddy insisted on making her this darn pillow! Claimed that she had to be comfortable too...LOL!

There's that pillow again!

Below here, she was fighting her sleep, after our March of Dimes walk...she was sitting up and then finally slumped over! YES....I ran to get my camera before I straightened her out...was that bad of me??? Oh well...what she doesn't know won't hurt! LOL!

Knocked out....

It is hilarious wild she is...I really get a crack up over it. We will lay her in one way, and then in a few hours, she is laying the complete opposite...

Yes...with feet hanging out her bed...

Some cards I produced out of the KrewKit #7..

"Thinking of You"

"Thinking of You"

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