Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Update..

Thank you again for your constant prayers and kind words...reading your posts really do make me smile. Matter of fact, I am printing all posts and giving them to my nana to show her how much people who you may not know even care and are praying!

So really quick...We went to see the Oncology Dr. on Tuesday, and he did inform us that the cancer is in stage 4. He did say he can treat, but cannot cure, which we already know that right? So anyway...she gained 5 lbs which is good, because she really hasn't had too much of an appetite. We need to get her beefed up somehow.

Anyhow, we still have one more test to do so they can proceed on where and how to treat.

My nana is still in good on the other hand, I am REALLY having a hard time. I really try hard with holding it together, but it is just so hard seeing the one you love uncomfortable. I just cannot stand to see anyone suffering, especially a loved one. So, I am really trying to find my faith and keep it strong, I am continuing to pray every day around the clock.

So...with that consider yourself updated. =)

I love you all and thank you again...



Sassynai said...

Just want to send you some extra prayers.

paperprincess said...

You and your Nana have been in my constant thoughts and prayers since I heard the news. Please let her know that there are so many thinking of and loving her for the strong and amazing women that she is. I am here for you!

DawnInAz said...

Your family is in my prayers sweety!! (((HUGS)))

Allie said...

Trisha - thinkin and prayin and sending lots of love for you, your Nana and your family.

TanishaRenee said...

Hey girlie, stay steadfast in your faith! Keeping your nana in my thoughts and prayers!

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