Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long overdue for a post and layouts!

Altered Binder Clips I made for my coworkers. All they knew was that I needed to take a pic so I can make a little somethin something! I think they came out so cute! Didn't even make one for myself! WTH!? Enjoy ladies!

The Takeover -Bre's wonderful toys spread all over my den. It USED to be my room where I would hold crops....but umm...its more than just a notion now to rearrange stuff!

My First Starbucks..her auntie! She said it didn't have any caffeine or coffee...so I guess it was alright...Bre loved it whatever it was!

New Wheels - Power Princess Car Aunti got her for Christmas, she is a daredevil...

Moments - while we were at Chuckie Cheese...she liked it but didn't wanna get off rides, share or go home. She had a royal fit!

Cry Baby - Well...she was teething at this time too. her cousin wanted to drive with her, at least be a passneger and she just simply wasn't having it!

Watch Me Play 0 My little nephew Jalen

More @ Chuckie Cheese!

Student Driver - she really liked Bob the Builder

Fun - Aunti & Dad putting her little car together...

Yall already seen these pics! Self Explanatory!

My Cuzo's (Cousins)

My Scrappin Sistas - Hanging out eating and scrap shopping for Alondras bday

Fam Bam


Sarah said...

Oh you have been a busy girl! I still love that green hair on you! Those altered clips are fabulous - will have to remember that idea!

Cori S said...

They all came out beautiful!!!

hiscrappergirl said...

they are gorgeous!! I love your stuff as always. Miss scrappin witchya!!

Babydoll said...

Great layouts Trisha!! I love them!! Those binder clip holders are awesome!

Thomisia said...

Wow! Lots of eye candy...fabulous creations!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Wow, the LO's are awesome! And I am SO loving your cute idea with the binder clips. Boy, us creative folks sure can make something "ordinary", EXTRAordinary, can't we? :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow you've been busy!!!

Lacie Hawkins said...

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