Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally! Some layouts to post!

I have been so terrible with uploading pics to my blog and gallery...sorry! But ya go.

I was scrapping Friday night, shout out to Alondra, Elia and Rochelle. I just recently met Elia on, and what do you know she lives right in my moms back yard, not even 5 minutes away! It was a pleasure to meet her and we were so grateful that she opened her home up to us to scrap! She fed us complaints! Elia is good in my book!

Well enjoy!
This pic was taken back a few days after Christmas...

Making Pancakes
Pretty Eyes!

My process of dying almost 144 Easter Eggs..the Chocolate Cake from Costco helped me!

Of course she helped!

Go figure...her and her daddy...

Things she likes to do at 2!

Bre & Auntie Ebony

This was a booger! A challenge given from Robin. Had to use 100 items on a page, 10 different elements / embellishments which had to consist of 10. 10x10=100...get it?
I used the following:
10 Rub on phrases (used on the right page)
10 Green Buttons
10 Flowers (on left page)
10 Circle Punches (on left page)
10 Pics
10 Letters in Title
10 Brads (on left page
10 Staples on both pages (5 on each)
10 Journaling Strips
10 Pieces of Bling
This was a doozey..never spent to much time on a layout! Thank Goodness we could had used double page layout...
Thanks Robin!


Jennifer Priest said...

Oh wow--how much fun! Love all the layouts, especially the one for Robin's challenge.

Cori S said...


Dawn Bibbs said...

What great LO's! Thanks for sharing. Oh my goodness...100 things on ONE layout? Are you kidding me? You're better than me! :-)

Brown English Muffin said...

good lord how long did all these layouts take!!! They are awesome!!!!

Babydoll said...

Great layouts!! Where are you girl??!!

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