Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Micheal

Man...I don't even know what to say. I was waiting for someone to say that he
was breathing again or in stable condition or something...but nothing came

Weird how fast news flys...from country to country...

One of my coworkers emailed me (from a different office), then my mom called me, checked Facebook, it was all over, all over MSN search,l TMZ, Enews, etc. =(

I figured if he was not breating when they picked him up it might not be good.

Micheal had a very hard life...poor guy. He has always been at the end of someones jokes, and I will admit Ive made a few too. Must admit...he was different. But alot of it had to do with his upbringing and being forced into the entertainment industry as a little boy.

He completely missed out on his childhood, didn't even have a chance! I mean, they guy has never really lead a "normal" life.

I truly hope the family keeps it together as best as they can, and no drama starts as it usually does in most families. I pray for peace in their family, and especially those children of his. How many did he have 2? 3?

Well my nana's bday was yesterday, I guess he was invited to her birthday party! And Farrah was the guest of honor...Ed was also among the list of attendees...I could only imagine the partying that went on up there!

Micheal will truly be missed! That man made some great music! WONDERFUL music! Party hits, just music you can 2 step to, swing your hips, that twirl-a-round, grab your crotch, HEEE HEEE music!

I will be making some tribut CD's for my coworkers...glad I have a few of his greatest hits.. =)

Whew. Rest in Peace Mike.....Farrah...and Ed. Lost 3 great entertainers in one week....too much to swallow.

My 25 cents... =)
More like a $1.00

Hope you all enjoyed the slideshow...

Mrs. Tricia

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Rochelle said...

great slide show! :)

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