Monday, December 26, 2005


Everything was great. Christmas Eve, we were all at my aunts house in LaPuente, where we had dinner with family and friends. Mr. Santa was supposed to be knocking at the door as a surprise for all the kids as we had gifts for them to open (Pj's). We got a crackhead Santa! Why was Santa a whole our late!!?? And....didn't have a cell phone to call!! He stopped twice, I guess at a gas station for more directions! Santa was so skinny, one of the kids asked if hewas on a low carb diet...and that he hadn't been eating his cookies! HAHAA!!!Anyway, got home about 10:30ish pm, I was determinded to get some food started that night so I wouldn't have too much to do the next day. Didn't get in bed until 3:30am! I was able to sleep in until about 10:30 so that was good. Me and my husband opened our gifts and he was so shocked with his Nano Ipod!Family started to come by about 3pm and ate dinner and opened more gifts! Everyone said that our tree had a gift explosion! There were gifts everywhere!

We had a great time! Everyone left about 10pm and we cleaned up because I rather clean now than have to do itthe next the process of washng nana's punchbowl (HEAVY GLASS) busted in my poor little hands....YIKES. I still need to break that to her. She will forgive me....=)There is nothing better than spending holidays with the ones you love!Trisha
Happy Holidays!

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