Friday, December 30, 2005

Day Before New Years Eve...

Well it is the day before New Years Eve and me and Reg have been chillin all day. Tonight we are going to Paul & Ellas for Hanaukaa (sp?) celebration. Can you tell my family is quite blended! We all love each other though so its all good!

Yesterday I was able to get a lot of scrapping done which was very cool. Me, Holly, and Jennifer had a good time. We scrapped and ate. Holly fixed the Brocolli Chicken Ring and I made Cheese Fondu Dip, and I brought over some of my moms famouse pound cake that she made whoch was just sitting at home, cause me and Reg had an entire cake!

Well gotta do some last minute errands before heading to San Dimas. Hopefully the traffic isn't bad.



MrsSmitty01 said...

Are you nuts?! Going to San Dimas on New Year's Eve! LOL, I had a great time too on Thursday and I am so happy that you came to my neck of the woods. Happy New Year to you and Reggie. Paul was complaining that Reg wasn't going to be available on Monday when you came over, so I promised him I would have you guys for dinner when he gets his pool table finished so they can play.

MrsSmitty01 said...

Ooops, I am blond! Ha HA, I didn't notice the day before New Years Eve! Oh well heard traffic was terrible anyway.

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