Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Okay...well, sheesh...I mean I really let my blog go!

2009 was just NOT THE BUSINESS!!! So many things happened, life changing events, some good and some definitely not so good. But I do recall God saying that he will never give me nothing I can't handle!

So with is a new day! It is January 1st, 2010 baby!

Today I started my day off in the best way possible! First thanking the Lord for another day, another year! Second...WhoGivesaScrap had their first crop of the year! It was great! Tons of food, and oh my gosh! The laughs and jokes! Some ladies finally were able to put faces with screen names...some ladies were new and met some of us for the first time!

Shout out to the attending ladies:
Robin - Unable to get photo =(
Jennifer - Unable to get photo =(

We had a good time! dad asked me last night what my resolutions were. I told him I didn't make any. Why? Because most the time I don't accomplish what I have set out to accomplish. What I will be doin is just taking one day at a time.

But thinking of it more, I do need to set some personal goals. Yeah...I guess they can be resolutions. Like to hear them? Here they go!
  • Continue to grow closer to God!
  • Decrease my debt and increase my savings! Spiritually & Financially!
  • Create some saving method for possibly buying a new house, although me and Bre are pretty content in our new place. Lovin Rancho!
  • Tone up my arms...bye bye Oprah arm!!!...tone my legs too!
  • Spend more time with Bre, more quality time. She has gymnastics I signed her up for beginning in mid month so that should be fun!
  • Join a book club
  • Try to not let the things I cannot change bother me. there you have it. I am positive I can accomplish those!

I will also attempt to give a better effort in updating my blog. Maybe this will be the year I can print up all my post and make something out of it! So I will try my best to post frequently. If it is very short...don't trip. If it is lengthy...print it and take it to the toilet!

****Just had a flashback of Jennifer's husbands pulled pork he provided for us today! Off the chain! Good lookin out Jennifer!***

I had soooo much food, sugar and laughs I HONESTLY think I blacked out for a minute. It was quite scary..all the sudden I got dizzy and my head started to spin. I had to close my eyes..and pray I didn't have to cut my crop time short and someone elses cuz they would have had to leave and take me to the hospital! But I snapped out of it!

Happy New Years!!!


Tricia...AKA Scrapgurl78


Allison Harper said...

Happy New Year Ms. T!

I hope 2010 is a fabulous year for you & Ms B.

Scrappy hugs!

Jennifer Priest said...

Happy New Year to you too! That crop was so much fun ;)

Cori S said...

Good lookin' Sista!

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