Saturday, January 23, 2010

Like Ice Cube Said..."Today Was a Good Day!"

Last night we had a little girls night at my house, some cousins and some really good friends came through. I felt like a chef yesterday... =) I started off with breakfast for a really good friend.. Cajun Turkey and Cheese Omelets were off the chain! Cooked lots of food for my girls night...we had: Spaghetti Casserole, Chicken Enchiladas & Cheese Enchiladas (specially made for my girl Azeb), meatballs and salad. There was a host of other items...dips, veggies, etc.

Cousin Monique made some pretty good "Pink Panties" with a twist. I forget what she calls the drink with the was good though!!! I think everyone agreed and thats real! Thanks cousin! Here are a few pics from last night...
Miss Kamil
Janice, Cousin Tyee & Alondra

Me & Alondra
Monique and me being silly!
Azeb & Kamil
Me & Janice
This morning I woke up to this....

What I saw was BEAUTIFUL!!!! This view is from my parking lot at home...heading North on Milliken looks even better! Yes, I am making a big deal because I am in Southern Cali...and its rare we get to see things like this! So was nice seeing this view first thing this morning!

Cousin Monique spent the night which was great! She hung around to especially see little Miss Breanna do her 1st gymnastics class. She helped take some photos which was cool.

So everyone's question is how did she do? first instinct was to ask if I could get my money back! The little girl pretty much had her own agenda. She wouldn't stand up, she had jelly legs, she wouldn't pay attention and wouldn't even look at her coach.

My cousin told me I did a very good job at my gymnastics Ima' get my moneys worth that's for sure! LOL! Bre's trippin! She better get with it!
After her gym class...I met up with Rochelle, Alondra, Marie and Melissa for some scrappin! It was great. We went to our new location in Mira Loma that Rochelle hooked up for us. Thanks Rochelle! We had a good time as usual!

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