Sunday, January 17, 2010

They Said it Was Coming...

Well the "Big Storm" is finally here! It is raining as we speak...I hear the rain over Little Bill (cartoon on Nick Jr.). I am soo glad it finally got here, cuz I was starting to be a little embarrassed of my filthy car. I refused to wash it though since the rain was coming through!
Listening to the goodness....simple things like this we seem to take advantage of. Me and my mom were in the car today speaking about the tragedies taking place in Haiti. My mom said, "I am so glad we have what we have here in our world." I agreed and we continued to discuss how we complain about alot about our world, what we have and what we don't have. I proceeded to tell her how sad it is that we take SO many things for granted here...

Anyway...the reason I mentioned this was because WE tend to take things for granted. Simple things like being able to even listen to the sweet sound of rain... weekend was good.
Saturday me and Alondra drove to the OC to the expo, it was ok. We got a little moded, thought we were gonna scrap but the crop was sold out. I always buy my tickets online, Alondra says she has never had a problem buying at the door. SO...I was like ok, I will buy at the door. NOT! Wasn't happening! We met sister Rochelle up there and the 3 of us hung out in the OC. We had lunch at some was not the business...I actually asked for my money back. But we had a good time in there, I think we spent like 3 hours in there. We had some serious girl talk.

While having the girl talk time, I thought to myself! Hmph! Girls night! Friday night, my house, beverages, food, good music and most of all good company! Can't wait!

This morning woke up for church it was great as usual. After church I had to face my mountain of laundry...6 loads...just made no sense..its just me and Bre! LOL! Oh got done! Thank God mommy lets me come over and hook it up!

After laundry was done, we went out to eat, me, mommy and Bre. We had a good dinner, nice and full.

Tomorrow I am off in honor of the great MLK....hopefully I can catch the parade on TV in the morning. Missing the parade we use to have in the hood. What is the real reason it was removed? Sucks...

Well to yall lata!

Holla at ya girl!



Babydoll said...

Glad to see you back posting again. I missed ya! :)

Babydoll said...

OK, so I am WAY behind on your blog. Just read your October 4th post. So sorry to hear about that! Just remember that God is still in the blessing business. :)

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