Sunday, September 25, 2005

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Cate said...

Hi, I was blog surfing and thought your title was either about scrapbooking or fighting with your brother.
My daughter-in-law scrapbooks and she does a great job. I'm thinking about doing one digitally.. .if I can figure it out.
Are you going to post some pictures of your work? I'll check back in later to see.
I think you're figuring out this blog thing really well. It's taken me a year and I'm still stuck on some things. Good luck, Cate

LuvJones said...

Thanks for commenting already! He he...
Yes I love Scrapbooking! Although I am new to this thing, I am determinded to figure out how to post some work I do.
Please continue to check in. Meanwhile if you are interested in joining my Yahoo Scrapbook Group please feel free:
InlandEmpireScrapGroup is the name.
Thanks =)

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