Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why is MOTHER NATURE so mad at us???

Is our world coming to an end right before our very eyes? I cannot stop thinking about these poor people who are having to run from these angry bitches Katrina and her friend Rita! Who do they think they are? I mean come one? What is the deal? Is our government going to respons as slowly again as they did to Katrina? Are they acting on the prewarning signs? I sure hope so! Lets please continue to pray for these civillians lives as they have to deal with the torment of Mother Nature herself.


Nadia Smith said...
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LuvJones said...

Thanks Nadia...geez that was fast! I think I might like this blog thing. Well I am at work and probably shouldn't be setting up my Blog!! So when I get home, I may add some pics and pther stuff to it, to make it look more appealing and fun! I will try and find yours and book mark your as well! Thanks!

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