Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work...

Today was busy as heck, people trying to pay rent, appointments here, appointments there, move in's over there! WHOA! Let me catch my breath! The morning went by so quickly! Anyway, it was pretty difficult getting up for work this morning I must say. Hopefully it will be better and a little easier for me tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile....WHERE IS MY PILATES TAPE!? I had a resolution to start doing my pilates in the am before work, so since of course I struggled to get up this morning I vowed to do it when I got home and now where is friggin tape!!!!???


MrsSmitty01 said...

Did you ever find that tape? Just wanted to say thanks again for the lunch! That was so sweet of you. Love ya!

LuvJones said...

No problem girly!
No I never found my tape so I just bought another one!

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