Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am sooooo TIRED!!!

How am I going to make it through the week. What a week it has been.
Yesterday I went back to the dentist to make sure I was healing okay. Wasn't sure if everything was okay because I am still experiencing some discomfort. So anyway, the dentist is in Riverside....usually which would be a maybe a 20 minute drive....why on earth did it take me an entire hour!!!! Now, see I was really disturbed because I don't do traffic! My job is so close, I can take surface streets to get there, so you know I was really in a bad mood! Not only that I was 30 minites late for my appointment. Accident after accidnet after accident!

So, I am kinda dreading this weekend coming up just because I am totally exhausted....My sororoity has our state meeting in Berkely this year, which means we were either flying or driving. Well survey said...we were driving. What a long trip it will be. At least there will be a few of us, so I guess that will be cool. I am NOT looking forward to the LONG meeting on Saturday, becuase when I say it is ALL is ALL DAY, lilke a regular business day!

Anyway, I am just exhausted...I need to find some strenth from somehwere! Help me!


MrsSmitty01 said...

Hey you want to update this some day???? :)

LuvJones said...

Oh my really have your nerve! Did you JUST update yours like yesterday!?

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