Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend about over.... =(

Well what did I do this weekend? Was it productive? Hmm.. I would say it was. Well Friday, I took my braids down whoch was a long affair! Then Saturday morning got my hair rebraided. Sat for about 7 hours. Then went to Among Friends cause she was having a sale on some things. After that met Reg at Farmer Boys for dinner and then we went to Ontario Mills to see a movie, FunWith Dick & Jane. Then after the movie was over we walked around for a bit then met up with Ray & Gissel at some Market Broiler place where we had some drinks and ate a little something.
Today, we had breakfast with Ray & Gissel at IHOP, still stuffed. came back home went back to sleep. Reg and Nathan just left about 30 minutes ago to the L.A. Auto Show. I won't be seeing him for the rest of the day! Those men love the cars! Tellin me, "Babe I am gonna bring back a lot of pictures for you to scrapbook!" ME? OKAY! I am sitting
here about to force myself up to do my housework and go to the grocery store! GET UP TRISHA!

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