Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Adventures of the New Ice Cream Maker!

Reggies first Father's Day gift. Am I nice or what? Well my husband has this thing about ice cream! I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day and he stated an ice cream maker, so an ice cream maker it was!
And I heard pregnant women are the ice cream eaters! Yeah right! Well above, I took a picture of this HUGE concoction he made prior to getting the maker. It contained the following: Vanilla Ice Crea, Chocolate topping, Caramel topping, strawberries, banannas, and whip cream to top it off! He had this 2 nights in a row...and it was like 10ish.
So the top picture shows his nice new ice cream maker...he made his first batch last night about 10 something last night! Mind you he had to get up for work the next morning! So it had to spin for like 4 minutes and I think he got impatient and stopped it to early, eager to taste his creation....cause he "thought it was done!" So anyway...after removing the ice cream from the maker he put it in the freezer. It is supposed to freeze for at least an hour I think...can you believe he set his alarm clock to wake back up and taste it! LOL!
Anyway, he wasn't happy with the first batch so guess what...we got a 2nd batch tonight..The taste was good, but the texture wasn't quite right. But I told him he needs to be patient! So anyway...2nd batch...the maker started making all kinds of noise! I was like REGGIE!!!! Come check your ice cream! He wants to make a 3rd batch and is on his way to the store to get more ice!!!! It is 10:17pm!!!! HELLO!? LOL!! IS he serious or what. I told him to look at his troubleshooting manual and read the directions again! Come to find out was not doing a few things....leave it up to men to skip directions and try and take short cuts!
Well at least he loves his gift! I didn't go wrong! LOL!
Wish him luck! LOL!

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