Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Revisiting LOL vs. LOLI!


Tuesday, 04 July 2006
You are probably wondering what the heck is a LOLI!?

Well I actually just thought about this....when people type "LOL"....who really Laughs Out Loud?! I mean be honest....if you did you would probably frighten everyone around you, heck you might even frighten yourself!!!

LOL started along time ago when chat rooms were really active in the what, early-mid 90's? There are so many acronyms its kinda humorous...LOLI!

What about ROTF? "Rolling On The Floor" are we really rolling on the floor? It was so funny we just fell out our chair, collapsed and did a stop, drop, and roll? LOL!!! (really, I did have to laugh at that one!).

Okay here is another one....ROTFLMAO..?? Does anyone ever Roll On The Floor Laughin' their A&% Off? Well for me I have never laughed that hard where it drops me to my knees on the computer!

Don't get me wrong...their has been times where I am laughing so hard on the inside it I hearby begin a new Acronym...LOLI LOL means: "Laughing Out Loud Inside!!" HA HAHAAA!! I am still LOLI'ing...just because its so true and funny at the same time!
Hope you had a LOLI reading!
Have a great day and really try LOL today!


Adriann said...

ROTFL!!!!! LOL!!!!!! BTW- WAYD?

Can you decifer that?

Adriann said...

When Are You Due? Hee..hee..hee...

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