Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yes! More time has passed...

Okay, yes, I admit...there has been a MAJOR gap in between my last post! YES IT SAYS SEPTEMBER! Well I do have a good excuse! I am due as in NOW for my baby girl to come into this world. Not only that, I have kinda abandonned my blog here and I don't know why! I am involved in so many other things, apart of this group, that group and it gets overwhelming at times.

The main reason I started this blog was for family to keep up with me and what is goin on with me and my life. So, today, I vow to try better at keeping this darn thing updated.

I am expecting Breanna Nichole to join us in our household soon...she is due next Sunday, but she seems to be acting a little stubborn! Hopefully she will cooperate soon and come on and stop playing!

Other than that...summer is around the corner and it is HOT already. I know its nothing like what it is about to be...I am home all day and what does that mean? The air is running all day. I refuse to sweat in my own house. No way Jose!

Well this is my makeup post...I will come back soon...promise!



Cindy said...

Hey, Trisha! You're ready to "pop" anyday now, eh? How exciting! Can't wait to meet the little miss.

JenniferPriest said...

Trisha I hope your little Breanna comes out soon!! Glad to see you blogging again!

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