Saturday, October 06, 2007

National Card Making Day

Today was fun! I had a good time today making cards in honor of National Card Making Day!
Today, myself, Nancy, Alondra, Jennifer, Tomasa, Holly and Sylvia...and Baby Fiona made cards and scrapbooked today. We had a lot of fun as usual, lots of snacks as I wouldn't expect any less. I have never really took a plunge in card making but I thinkI did pretty well to not make cards on the usual. I made some Christmas cards for the holidays coming up and some Thank You cards which will always be in handy!

We scrapped from about 1:00pm - 9ish...yeah we are die harders! LOL!

So if any of you ladies are reading this, thank you for coming out! Thanks Nancy for taking the long trip and bringing sweet little Baby Fiona! She is getting so big and cute! Hopefully I will see you again this coming Monday! If not, we shall see each other again soon!

Making cards is not a hard task. It will also help diminish the huge "SCRAP" bin of scraps I have...left over from pther projects that I swear I will reuse! So, I will definatelt be making a committment to myself for trying harder on maximizing my purchases and use everything I buy! Since the No Shopping Challenge on our Yahoo board, it has really help me realize that I do have a lot of stuff! I just need to utilize what I have! But its like any scrapper on crack! We need a fix! Anyway, it's late, and I think I am getting into another dangerous topic...let me go before I write another few paragraphs on me being a professional collector of scrap items!

Goodnite Peeps!

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Adriann said...

What? No pics? Sounds like fun!

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