Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She Got her Ear Rangs!!!!

Well she did it! I have to admit, she was a soldier! I was real nervous about finally getting it done...i'm all frantic and forgot the dang pacifier at home...realized it when were half way to the mall. Daddy said she wouldn't need it and he was right! She didn't!
The right ear was easy breezy...only flinched byt the pic to the left here was after the left ear..I think it was the noise. But she popped her collar, well her hoodie and was good to go!
Then all of the sudden she copped this dang diva attitude, like, "Where's my water!?" I was like what the heck!? Didn't have any naps..was up till about 11ish...Dad finally put her to sleep with the Jungle Book doing the monkey dance...whatever that was! I put them both out my bedroom, I was pooped man! But she looks so freakin cute! I love her!


Jessica Guthrie said...

Oh, too funny! Yeah, I swore that if I had a daughter I would get her ears pierced when she was a baby so she wouldn't remember the trauma. I backed out about 4 times before I got mine done in the 2nd grade ... but God gave me boys, so if they want to pierce their ears (dad would have a FIT!), they'll have to do it when they are 18 ... or when they get brave enough to do it with a needle and an ice cube! LOL! Your daughter is a cutie, BTW!

TanishaRenee said...

Rock on little DIVA!

Adriann said...

Aaaw! At least that's out the way. :)

hiscrappergirl said...

AWWWW what a sweetie!! She looks so cute!! I had to wait until I was in the third grade before I could get mine pierced. Little Fiona will have to wait a little longer, but maybe not as long as me.

Veroncia said...

Work it Lil' Mama!. Beauty is Painful...LOL

Our girls were born on the same day, and they got their ears pierced at the same age. I couldn't wait until she was four months old.

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