Saturday, March 22, 2008

$5 Pizza vs "Regular" Paid Pizza!

What the hell!?

Seriously? You sell a different type of pizza for the $5 deals? Am I choosing your pizza place, becuase I like the taste of Your Pizza!? Okay first let me just put the name out there...PIZZA HUT! (Pizza Mia Pizza).
Let me set the scenario....

A few of us met up at Collective Journeys last night for their Among Friends and did some scrappin. We thought that it would be cool to just order pizza and have it delivered to ($5 never tasted so good)...yeah right...that is the advertisement you would hear on the their commercial advertising this $5 pizza.

So when we open up the 4 boxes we ordered, most of therm had been slided to one side as if the driver took a corner real fast OR he dropped them! We started eating, and I was the first to say, "This pizza taste frozen!" And so another friend what the hell? I usually LOVE Pizza Hut AND the ALL the orange grease that is accompanied by it!

A few others notice the same thing, barely any sauce and it was just plain ole' NASTY! So my girlfriend calls and ask, "What happened to the pizza?" the dummy on the other end let the cat out the bag and honestly says, "Umm, we cooked it the night before...", WHAT!? So we were eating frozen pizza? Basically, yes...

So...then we got to speak to a manager...again.."What happen to our pizza?" She then explained that there is a BIG difference in the $5 pizza compared to regular priced pizza...WOW! Ok... you think if I would had known that, we wouldn't had chosen the $5! I guess you get what you pay for, but dang! Frozen Pizza?

Just giving you a heads up!
It was disgusting! I could had ate some Jenos Frozen Pizza at home...


Kristi B. said...

Yuck! I rarely order from any pizza place other than the good home-made places. I do enjoy Pizza Hut though. Good thing I never get the $5 deal! Can't believe they told you that!!!

pj said...

OMG--that's a double yuck from me!!! i hope you got a lot of scrapping done nonetheless--happy easter

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh funny that you post about this. Just about every Friday, my daughter either wants chinese food or pizza. So, last week, I think it was, we decided on pizza. I thought we'd try the "new" one (Pizza Mia). Ok, talk about AWFUL!!! I was shocked, because, like you, I enjoy Pizza Hut. But this was terrible. It had a weird, sweet, FROZEN taste to it. My 6 year old even noticed it. And had we liked the supreme, we would've just helped daddy eat his :-).

I'm sorry you had this experience. However, I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me! Personally, the $6 (frozen) pizzas from the grocery store are better than the Pizza Mia!

Anyway, I hop you and your family are having a wonderful Easter.

Jennifer Priest said...

That is terrible!!

TanishaRenee said...

yeah, I've had that pizza and didn't really care for it- not much of a pizza hut fan anyway...I prefer pizzaria pizza. I hope they gave you your money back or comped you something!

Babydoll said...

I love pizza hut, but thanks for the heads up!! I'll try to remember not to purchase the $5 pizza. I would have not been a happy customer!!

Kimberly said...

This is just wrong on their part!! Thank you for sharing that, I will be sure never to get that 'deal'

OMG your dd is so precious! Girl, trust me Nia is almost 5 and she is just getting 'girly' I was worried because all my friends dd's were that way right from the start. there is hope my friend! :)

hiscrappergirl said...

TFS!! I can't imagine frozen PH pizza being any good!! heck you could have cooked up some good California Pizza Kitchen Pizza for that price and it would have tasted way better. I think that PH has some 'splainin to do on that false advertising!!!

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