Sunday, March 16, 2008

Words For the Week

Okay since I may be on my way to finally finding a church home, I think it would be cool to share a message with you that YOU may be able to use.

I am currently attending Life Changing Ministries and I can literally walk from my house if I ever have too. I am hoping to get Bre baptized there as well. I like the way Pastor Reginald Woods shares his message. Every sunday he prints out a worksheet for us to go along with him...makes you pay attention! So each Sunday, I will try my best to reiterate the word that I received!

So anyway...the message for today was a part 3 segment of "REWIND BE KIND"
Purpose of the message was to GET US TO TREAT OTHER MORE KINDLY, using day to day kindness in our day to day relations.

I immediately thought of ALL the people that should had been at this service! Maybe I can get the CD and maybe anonymously mail it to people! I won't be specific cause some of my coworkers read my blog...but some pepople FOR SURE could use this message!

He talked abut the need for Kindness Social Etiquite 101.
Question: Do you start your day off in the workplace with a "Good Morning Girlfriend!" OR "Good Morning so and so!" OR are you one of those individuals that greet your co-worker /staff member like this: "Umm...did you get that report done?" OR "Staff meeting in 5 minutes!"

Hello...can we rewind please!? Why do people feel the need to start their day off with either asking questions or making crazy requests??? It is just rude to engage into business this way!

How about a simple salutation or greeting? I mean I don't know about you...but thats how I was raised...out of speak with a greeting...
Oh..then he goes and talks about those in position: (Bosses, Supervisors and/or parents)
People in these positions should keep the following in mind:
  • If you are a leader, STILL be kind and considerate!
  • TOO many leaders feel they have a free pass to be harsh on those under them
  • If you are a leader...REMEMBER leaders have masters too and YOU too will be put in check!
  • Don't forget God will put you in check if you are just downright unfair!
  • Remember that people are people first and foremost!

With that said..the conclusion to todays words is: KINDNESS SHOULD NOT BE AN ACT BUT A DAY TO DAY LIFESTYLE!

Can I get an Amen!?

Have a Blessed Week! Don't let anyone disrespect you, be mean to you OR steal your joy!



TanishaRenee said...


EsSeNsE~ViBeZ said...

AMEN...AMEN ...AMEN!!!...i love your blog...come by and visit when you get time...and leave your mark on my it...
reamin blessed!

EsSeNsE~ViBeZ said...

if you would like for me to create one for you just email me and leave the details on what you'd like....i'll see what i can do for ya!

Dawn Bibbs said...

AMEN!!! I love it! This very thing was my MAJOR pet peeve when I worked in Corporate America. You don't have to sit and tell me about your family and your weekend when you see me in the morning. But c'mon, be courteous and at the LEAST say good morning. SHEESH!!! And I'm a smiler. So to me, just extending the courtesy of a smile when you pass me in the hallway will work. I am so pleased when people tell me how respectful my kids are. They learn from watching us. I'm glad they've been paying attention :-).

Have a great evening!

Babydoll said...

AMEN!! Glad you got something from the message. I may need to borrow the CD once you're done. :)

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