Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Made It!!!!


Okay, I have been sitting on the edge of my seat, every day, checking my email everyday, checking Jessica’s blog (owner of Kits2Remember) everyday waiting for the announcement!

I tell you what I truly think this is a blessing for me….I am a very humble individual and I guess maybe sometimes don’t give myself enough credit when due. My husband tells me all the time, “Babe, you do nice work!” But of course the thought crosses my mind….does he feel obligated to tell me this! LOL! Does he really mean it? Well I guess I am good enough for Miss Jessica! Thanks Jessica, I am truly honored to be apart of your team! I have had the pleasure of meeting you online, finally meeting you at the Desert Scrapbook Retreat in January, which was a pleasure. One of the evenings at the retreat, we (myself, Alondra and Jessica), were in the little restaurant, having some snacks and some grown ladies talk…and afterwards Alondra and I were talking about how down to earth Jessica was! I SO respect her hard work and vision in her company!

So anyway…back to my blessings! So I get this email from Jessica informing me I have been chosen, I was at work and I think I felt my heart smash my toes, cause it dropped hard and fast! I doubted myself because I have NEVER done any submissions to anyone! NEVER requested any submissions for publications, NEVER have done samples for LSS’s, I thought my chance was pretty slim! But look! This is a lesson to self…Doesn’t hurt to try, never doubt yourself! ALWAYS believe in yourself! (Thanks for proving me wrong Jessica!)

I also need to share that I also taught a class last night for the first time at the Redlands Housing Authority Community Center. I felt really blessed to be able to teach a class for FREE using my stash, to show someone else less fortunate than me to make some really creative stuff! We made a cute paper bag album, and everyone had a good time. I was really nervous, but everything worked out great! Thanks Janice for setting that up for me! Hopefully we can do a series!

With all of this said...please check out K2R website: and K2R's blog: Please take a moment and register for the forums as we are anticipating on doing some really cool projects and offering tips and advice on my favorite....YES ACRYLIC ALBUMS, mino books and lots of other cool items! Come and join the fun!

Anyway, I really just had to share my blessings and my JOY!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Nan Paturzo said...

trish....congratulations. this is your first of many successful steps to share your talent with the world. i look foward to seeing you strut your stuff!! xoxoxox and whoooooya!!!!!!!!

Rochelle said...

congratulations Trisha! :)

MyloveforJay said...

Wow, congratulations again, missy! I am trying to hit up EVERY blog you have! I'm very happy for you Trisha. You deserve it. :o)

Many blessing,

pj said...

a big congratulations to you. have a fun time creating!

Nan Paturzo said...

i have tagged my blog. have a great evening! :)

Sarah said...

Wooohoooo Trisha!!! You deserve this so much, and yes you are one talented lady!!

hiscrappergirl said...

Once again, congratulations!! You are so talented, and I cannot believe this is the first time you have submitted your work!! It is always gorgeous - maybe now you will submit more :)

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