Saturday, March 15, 2008

Need to Learn How to Balance...

Well it seems as though the days just aren't long enough, to accomplish what needs to get done. You see, you know its bad when you actually think about what is a priority..scrapping OR cleaning house? I mean how bad does the house really look? I mean I do have an excuse...Ihave a infant in the house, so do I get a pass for that? Oh come on...I would give you a pass!

So anyway, I have things I really need to take care of (scrap wise)
  • Complete K2R samples and projects (priority)
  • Finish cleaning room and putting things in their designated spots
  • Put all my dog-eared pages from my magazines in my inspiration book to eventually scraplift
  • Complete swaps and challenges I am in (actually this should be 2nd)
  • Plan my National Scrapbook Day for "Who Gives a Scrap" Yahoo group
  • The list can go on..

Home front things that need to get done:

  • Find Bre some walking shoes, cause it will be any day now...
  • Do the anual spring cleaning including (cleaning the garage, the weight room which has officially turned into the "junk" room
  • Really do something with the front and back is hideous! Surprised that Nalla hasn't got lost back there in the jungle!
  • I really need to sort through the clothes in my closet...half of them I don't wear, so I will be making a pile for a womens shelter.

Anyway...I guess have things to do hugh? Well before I do anything I have a comedy show to go to tonight at the Ontario Improv to see Arnez J and then tomorrow off to Oceanside to see my girlfriend Nichole and her baby Jayla.

So..I will talk you lovely people later!



Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--you are busy!!! Trisha, did you try to find some of those Robeez? They are really good shoes. From that Right Start store by Vic Gardens--they had some cue ones on clearance. Hope things quietdown for you--comedy show!! How fun!! I am jealous.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, you sound like me. Man, I could (and sometimes do) spend ALL DAY in my studio. It's so nice and clean :-). Fortunately, the rest of the house is clean too. But dusting is (constantly) calling my name. Where does dust come from ANYWAY?

I absolutely love Arnez J. That man is HIlarious and F.U.L.L. of energy. I'd love to see him again.

And when you go visit your friend, tell her I LOVE the name she's chosen for her baby :-).

Have a great week!

Adriann said...

Girl, I feel you! I'm going through a rehab or sorts myself in trying to get organized and declutter my life. I posted it on my Etsy blog.

Maybe you can join me?

Lisa Spiegel said...

Tee hee..Jennifer and I had the same idea....go find some Robeez...they are the BEST shoes for new walkers...actually my last DD wore them till she was almost 3, they are awesome!

Veroncia said...

Loved the Robeez, and so did Ava. You can get like new ones on Ebay for about 5 bucks if you patient. I think I may still have a pair left of Ava's. If I do they are yours, should I say Brie's. Housework and clutter stay a thorn in my side. There just isn't enough time in the day.hdvhspoz

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