Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entertainment 4-1-1 (June 2008)

Will R Kelly go down? Will he be found guilty in his child pornography trial? We are awaiting the outcome and the jury verdicts. Kelly was accused of having sex and videotaping his antics with a young teen girl. Kelly says it's not him on the tape. The alleged victim says it's not her. (I guess we know what happened here....what $$$ can do right?

Actress Lisa Raye McCoy Missick has had enough. After months of embarrassment and scandal, she is ready to throw in the towel on her marriage to the Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Even though he proclaimed his innocence in a recent sex scandal, just knowing that he cheated on her and participated in wild parties while she was away was enough to make Lisa say I Don't Need This Nonsense. The marriage started out as a fairytale. The wedding ceremony was spectacular, but the nightmare started for the couple soon after. For months, she has kept a stiff upper lip and tried to go on with her life, but she feels as though the prime minister humiliated her. How can she keep up the fa├žade and go on with a charade of a marriage?

Is Evander Holyfield broke? He says no, but court records and the baby mammas say otherwise. His $10 million home in Georgia is facing foreclosure and some of his baby mammas were told not to look for any money in May or June. Holyfield is trying some new business ventures to get back on track. In his prime, he made millions boxing, and he made thousands for appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Where did his money go?

Singer Keyshia Cole is also having money problems. Her manager was recently caught writing bad checks setting Keyshia back $100,000.

50 Cent and the burned down home? A judge recently ruled that the rapper cannot sell the home. If he collects any insurance money, he must turn it over to a trust fund. The rapper's $2 million Long Island home burned to the ground last week. His baby momma, their ten-year old son, her boyfriend and another child were in the home at the time of the fire. Police suspect arson and the baby momma has blamed the 50 because he wanted her out of the house.

Is Queen Latifah about to make a life change? According to published reports, she is ready to marry her longtime Personal Trainer Jeanette Jenkins. The two have been close for five years, and they reside in homes on the east and west coast. Latifah has never commented on her personal life, and she has not officially come out of the closet. Is she getting married? Latifah doesn't want anything to overshadow her career. She doesn't want to be known for her sexuality. She has a lot of projects going on, including a new perfume line set to launch next year. She is also a spokesperson for Cover Girl cosmetics and Jenny Craig. She has never felt the need to go public with her private life. So, if she does get married, she will do it in private.

Janet Jackson is not happy with her record company. She feels Def Jam Records has let her down. Jackson's boyfriend, Producer Jermaine Dupri, is one of the company's label chiefs, so you can imagine there is a lot of tension between the two. Last week, Jackson blasted the company saying that they stopped promoting her latest album Discipline. The album came out in February, and so far has only sold 392,000 copies. Jackson says she will continue to go ahead with her world tour, but she may not be able to tour Europe. Janet is due here on October 2nd at the Wachovia Center. Reps for Def Jam say they are disappointed as well, but they still respect and support Janet. Jackson needs to pick up the phone and call Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She had major success with them. Let Dupri be your boyfriend, but go back to Jam and Lewis if you want a hit!

In other Jackson family news, filming has begun on the new Jackson family reality show. The show will start out with Tito and his three sons and is being filmed in England.

Bobby Brown's son Landon is following in his father's footsteps. Like his father, he likes to kiss and tell. In a recent interview, Landon bragged about sleeping with Lindsey Lohan, and how his stepmom, Whitney Houston, never liked him. Landon talked about growing up with his famous dad and their crazy life. At the moment, Bobby is getting his life together. He just signed a deal with the CMT network for a new reality show. The show, Outsiders Inn, will pair him with Actress Maureen McCormick ("Marcia" of The Brady Bunch). The show debuts August 15th, and will show them running a southern bed and breakfast.

The war of words heated up over the weekend between Directors Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee. In this corner, there's Eastwood with his World War II drama Flags Of Our Fathers. Lee says Eastwood should be ashamed for not having blacks in the movie. Eastwood responded Lee should shut his face because it was his duty to tell an accurate story. He says Lee has not liked him since Eastwood directed the movie Bird about the great Jazz Musician Charlie "Bird" Parker. Lee is currently working on his own World War II movie. Lee's movie, The Miracle Of St. Anna, will tell the story of the all black squad of The 92nd Buffalo Division. These were the men who fought the Germans in Italy during World War II. In other Spike Lee news, he says lack of funding is keeping him from starting his proposed movie about the life of James Brown. Lee is also working with Cookie and Magic Johnson on a series of public service announcements regarding HIV awareness.

Usher gave a surprising interview to Cosmopolitan magazine. He revealed he is not good at being in love, and it's hard being faithful. Does his wife Tameka have reason to worry? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Actor Darius McCrary is fighting charges that he attacked his girlfriend video vixen Karrine Steffans. Steffans claims McCrary beat her up and ran her over with his car. McCrary says these charges are not true. He describes Steffans, who goes by the nickname Superhead, as a crazed stalker who abuses her ten-year old son. McCrary is best known as "Eddie Winslow" on the TV show Family Matters. Steffans is known for her celebrity tell-alls.

Mel B is one busy bee. The Spice Girl has just signed a new deal with the Disney Channel for a TV show that could start airing later this year.

Tennis Sensation Serena Williams is gracing the cover of Ebony magazine for their annual summer's best issue.

Arsenio Hall is returning to TV. Hall will be starring in the MyNetworkTV show Funniest Moments. The show will feature clips of funny moments caught on tape. The show will air this fall.

The new season of Runs House debuts on July 15th. The new season will feature Run DMC on the road balancing a summer tour and family life.

Jennifer Lopez is coming out with a new sports clothing line. The Lopez line will feature sneakers, yoga pants and dance gear.

Get ready for the return of Irene Cara. The former star of Flashdance and Fame is coming out with a new album later this year.

Congrats to Actor Vin Diesel. He and his model girlfriend are the proud parents of a new baby.

Is an autumn wedding in the works for American Idol Winner Fantasia and Rapper Young Dro? Sources say the two are planning a small wedding for the fall.

So how did Prince celebrate his birthday? The world famous musician recently turned 50, and had a quiet celebration with two female friends.

Don't look for Actor Terrence Howard to return to Broadway. Howard is about to end his run in the Broadway revival of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Howard says he will never do Broadway theatre again. He says the schedule was tough, and the experience left him depressed and exhausted. He stated doing eight shows a week was like slavery.

Get well wishes go out to actress Stacey Dash. Dash was recently injured on the set of Celebrity Circus. Dash broke three ribs during a stunt.

Rodney King is coming to reality TV. In 1992, his videotaped beating by L.A. cops led to the L.A. riots. Since that incident, he has been in rehab, and has had numerous run ins with the law. King is hoping the TV route will help him. He is going to be a part of the cast VH1's Celebrity Rehab.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell is ready to be a mommy. Earlier this year, she had a surgical procedure to help her achieve her goal. Despite her reputation, temper tantrums, and violent behavior, Campbell says she has calmed down and is ready for the next chapter in her life as a mommy.

Samuel L. Jackson has signed a development deal with CBS to produce projects for the network. No word yet if he will be starring in any of the projects.

Susan L. Taylor, Editor Emeritus of Essence Magazine and founder of The National Cares Mentoring Movement will be featured in the new Lee Daniels' movie Push. The movie will also star Rocker Lenny Kravitz and Mo'Nique.

Singer Jill Scott is currently touring the country promoting her new lingerie line. The butterfly collection can be found online at ashleystewart.com

Sherri Shepherd of The View has been tapped to co-host The Daytime Emmys on June 20th.

The Michael Baisden TV Show returns for a second season on June 21st. The show airs on TV One. This season's special guests include Singer Tamia and Iyanla Van Zandt.

Ugly Betty Star Vanessa Williams has been tapped to host the TV Land Awards on June 15th.

Motown Records is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a 10 CD box set. The Motown collection comes out July 1st on Time Life Music. The box set will also feature a DVD of Motown stars on The Ed Sullivan Show and lyrics to 10 songs. Billy Dee Williams will be starring in the infomercial.

The BET Awards are set for June 24th. Mariah Carey and Usher are scheduled to perform.
Quincy Jones and Al Green will be honored that night. Comedian D.L. Hughley is hosting.

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards are set for February 8th, 2009. The show will air live on CBS.

Upcoming TV and Film Events:

Will Smith's new movie, Hancock, opens in theatres July 2nd.

John Legend will be in Philadelphia for the Sunoco Welcome America Festivities on July 4th on the steps of the Art Museum, Russell Thompkins & The New Stylistics will be opening up for him. Boyz II Men will be doing a concert on July 5th at Penns Landing. Fireworks will follow both events.

WHAT'S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This hunky Actor is featured in a new hit movie. He should be happy, but he's not because no one recognizes him. His recent plastic surgery jacked up his face.

In marriage, you often have to take the good with the bad. This Actor/Rapper is finding it hard to deal with his superstar wife. He loves the money and the spotlight, but he hates the fact that she loves to flirt with other men.


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Maybe the problem is Janet Jackson's singing ability NOT her record company or producers. Janet just can't sing. PERIOD!

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