Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Huge Disappointment in Laker-ville

Now...I really REALLY don't need any hater'ish like comments.

BUT I DO have to admit that the Celtics played a really good game, and they really did give us a nasty spanking. I am hoping that the Lakers learned from this.

I am disappointed because the Lakers DID NOT play their best games...they acted as if they weren't in the playoffs!? Every game they would be up by a handful pf points then back down again by more than a handful of points. Why did we lose by 39 points? Ridiculous...I am not sure what was goin on, but those weren't the Lakers I know. A few people were NOT on their toes, pretty much sucking to say the least. Not to sure what Gasol was doin, Odum was disappointing me and Walton was trippin too.

Its okay to critique...but you guys didn't do your job very well. We were trying to make history, but failed BIG TIME.

On the flip side, Celtics took it home and they played hard for it. I am happy for them cause ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!! LOL! No but seriously, Garnett FINALLY got what he has been working for all these years! Good job all you green men out there!

Last but not least....I was born into a Laker family, I will always be a Laker fan no matter what happens! Thats the diffeence between me and alot of those bandwaggoners OR haters just to be haters! Hell, alot of haters don't even have a team! They just root against mine! But whatever! LOL! It's okay. It just wasn' our time!

Sorry Laker Fans, no parade this year...


Scrap Evangel said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my blog! Stop by anytime.

Babydoll said...

Sorry your team lost. I'm not a basketball fan so I didn't even follow he game. :)

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