Sunday, June 01, 2008


Waaaay over due on updating my blog.

A few things have been goin on, wait...I am lying! A LOT of things have been goin on!!

I think Mommyhood has finally kicked in. Bre is getting older, a little bit more needier, and needs lots of lovin!!! Baby girl gets all the lovin she wants! Totally deserves it! She is also teeting right now..and you know all about that right!? She is also getting over a cold.

I have been to a number of wedding and baby showers, birthday parties, company picnic, you name it, I been there! This summer has officially kicked off! Next on the agenda is to give Bre her first birthday party then my 30th celebration!

So...this year we are celebrating not only 1 but 2 MILESTONES! Wow! 1 year and 30 years!

Alot of people have remarks, why are you doin this for her birthday, she won't even remember...well if you don't know me...I am a scrapbooker! HELLO! LOL! I will be taking lots of pics! No is just a blessing that my baby girl that took us FOREVER to have is finally here and will be here for a year! It is amazing how everything is put together for a reason....Me and Reg have been together for umm..about 13 years and it is amazing that we just have her! And I am SO THANKFUL for her...she has brought SO MUCH JOY to my life....Life has a whole new meaning to me....

So the next milestone will be mine...I will be turning 30! AND AGAIN...if you know ME..I will be celebrating BIG! I can't wait!

Well I just wanted to update...tell all of my friends who have been patiently waiting for a newer post, "Hola!"

***Trying to get back on track***

Ciao for now!


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Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, what a sweet post! Oh, sorry...welcome back :-).

I am SO feeling you with regards to celebrating every milestone in my childs life. Especially with my youngest, Jayla. It took me and Mister M. 11 L.O.N.G. years to conceive her. So EVERYTHING she does is amazing to me. Don't you let people talk you out of enjoying every moment you can with her. She's worth and she deserves YOU!!

So happy birthday, sweet baby. And you too, momma!! :-)

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