Saturday, April 22, 2006

Went on a mini shopping spree today!

Yes! I had fun today, I went shopping! The only funny thing about it is I didn't buy not one scrap related item! Isn't that something? Lane Bryant was having a really nice sale 25% off everything, and I had one of those nice gift cheques, like if you spend $225, you get $75.00 off. taht was nice. Since I am kinda tall, they are the only place I can find just the right fit. they had some cute skirts and nice summer shirts. Then I hit up Mervyn's cause the cashier that was ringing me up had the nerve to tell me that they were having a store wide sale too! All their shoes were like 50% off and had some really cute sandals, but you can imagine what the shoe isle looked like! Like a toy isle on Christmas Eve! to Target! Bought some more clothes and some things for around the house.

Now, you may be asking yourself, I hit up even Target and didn't buy no scrapbook stuff?! You gotta remember, I gotta look good when I scrap right!?? HA HA HAA!! No seriously, I always indulge in supplies, so I figured I get some clothes this time, for work and play.
I met my sister and nephew for lunch at Chilis which was all good...I am still full.
Overall I had a good day!


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